Whenever you are creating a website, whether it be for recreational or business use, you want people to visit it. In order for new people to see your website, they have to be able to find it. The problem here is that most websites are not ranked properly and therefore are impossible for people to find, even if they would enjoy the content or service that is on it. A ranked website means that it is showing up in search engine queries and therefore people will be able to find it through conventional searches. It is important to get your website ranked and it is not as easy as it sounds. Here are several reasons why your website is not ranking and how to fix them.


No Usage of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a tool employed by many different businesses in order to get their website ranked. This is one of the first major steps you can take towards getting your website ranked as it not only allows your website to appear higher in search engine queries, but it will also allow it to appear on a much higher page. Typically speaking, when using a search engine, people will not go past the first few pages to find what they are looking for. Even if you are ranked, if you are on page 50, people will not be able to find you. SEO gives you that advantage by putting you in the rankings rather early so people who are looking for a service you provide are much more likely to find it. If you want to find out more about how it works, you can visit this site and read up on the advantages of it. With the structure of search engines nowadays, almost every small business is employing these tactics to get a step ahead of each other. You cannot afford to skip out on search engine optimization, as your website will disappear into the depths of Google and be left out. Statistics have also proven that those who have proper SEO on their website have an exponential increase in traffic that continues for months if not years. If you are wondering why your website is not ranking, chances are you do not have proper SEO tactics in place.

No Backlinks

Backlinks are exactly how they sound. It is when another website links back to your website. These are important as it can help search engines deem if you are a credible business or not. With backlinks, it is also worth noting that it is about the quality of the websites that link to you and not the quantity of them. You could have thousands of websites linking over to yours, however, if they are simple shell websites without any real content, their links will not do anything for you. If a large and reputable website links your site, your website is viewed in a much better light to search engines and as a result, they will boost you up on their search engine rankings. Backlinks can be tricky to get as it involves marketing and communication with other companies. Just like any business, connections are key here and can possibly allow you to get a backlink from a large website. Another big reason why you are not ranking is because of the lack of websites linking over to you.


No Social Media Presence

In this day and age, social media is king with millions of companies creating Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram accounts. These accounts are not just for fun as once again statistics have shown that websites and companies that have a social media presence are much more likely to be deemed safe and trusted by the algorithms that do the rankings. By staying active on these, you can ensure that your website ranks and your traffic will increase. Pair this up with the two above strategies and you will find that your traffic will increase dramatically. Try developing a social media presence if you find that your website is not ranking.

There are plenty of different tactics that you can employ to get your website ranked on the internet. The main thing to remember is that it does not matter which tactics you are using, as long as you are using some. Other companies will be taking advantage of these situations, leaving your website empty and forgotten. There is no substitute for good search engine optimization so ensure that you have done everything in your power to optimize your website for search engines. How do you plan on optimizing your website?