Compared to traditional forms of advertising, Internet advertising showing some of their own characteristics, to understand these characteristics, is to grasp the online advertising marketing strategy -based substance. On the characteristics of online advertising, and many books and articles have listed a number of surface phenomena, such as interactivity, breadth, relevance, diversity of manifestations, trade statistics, etc., online advertising do have these characteristics to a certain extent, But these basic features in this stage of practical application either not fully played out, either of these characteristics is not sufficient to explain the nature of the deep level of online advertising, it is necessary to know the characteristics of online advertising from a deeper level.

Based on the current situation analysis of fully online advertising, and online advertising has been characterized into four essential points, those are:

  1. Online advertising needs valuable information and services attached to the carrier.
  2. The core idea of online advertising is causing concern and click on the user
  3. Online advertising and user mandatory dual dominant property
  4. Online advertising should reflect the users, advertisers and online media interactive relationship between the three.

Characteristics of Online Advertising Point 1.

Online advertising needs to be attached to valuable information and services to carriers:

Users to obtain valuable information on their own to browse the web, read email, or use other valuable services such as web search engines, instant messaging and other online advertising with valuable information and services to the existence of the phase dependence leave this valuable support to users, online advertising cannot achieve network marketing purposes. So talking about online advertising targeted delivery features when it should correctly understand the causal relationship, that is not itself a target of targeted online advertising, but users obtain the information required behavioral characteristics targeted online advertising, online advertising has lost otherwise exist value. The basic characteristics of online advertising show that the effect does not simply depend on online advertising itself, but also with the environment and its dependent carrier is closely related to the present, which also explains why some forms of online advertising can get higher , and general BANNER and web page hits, such as search engine keyword advertising and email advertising BUTTON ad click rate is in fact declining.

Characteristics of Online Advertising Point 2.

The core idea of online advertising that causes users attention and clicks:

As the online advertising carries the disadvantage of limited information, it is difficult to assume the role of direct sales, the direct effect of online advertising is mainly manifested in the browser and click, so the core idea of online advertising strategy is causing user attention and clicks. This search engine marketing information transfer only play the wizard role is similar, that information is not passed in the online advertising itself marketing message of all, but to attract user attention specifically created and placed in the guide is easy to find the information at cited. These can be measured by the index and the correlation between the final gain, but not a one to one relationship, not necessarily by browsing the network ad click, the viewer may be formed in the conversion to some extent. This network advertising effect brings the difficulty to accurately measure, and some forms of online advertising such as plain text e-mail advertising itself are difficult to accurately measure its effectiveness.

This feature also determines its effectiveness advantages in branding and product promotion, and their performance in the form of a new, large, odd and so more attention, which explains the online advertising click-through rate in order to solve the plight of declining, online advertising innovation inevitability.

Characteristics of Online Advertising Point 3.

Mandatory online advertising has dual properties and user-driven nature:

Means of expression online advertising is very rich, whether the user has a mandatory depends crucially on advertising operators rather than online advertising itself. Early online advertising nuisance for users without also making it an advantage to adapt to internet marketing means the marketing environment, but with the gradual development of advertisers for user attention required expansion, online advertising is mandatory and users dominant dual attributes. Although in theory the user is browsing and click on the ads have the autonomy, but a growing number of advertisers using coercive means forcing users to browse and click, such as pop-up ads, full-screen ads, interstitial ads, floating ads, etc. Although these ads aroused strong dissatisfaction of users, but to achieve an increase in browsing and clicking on the purpose and objective results, so for many the simple pursuit of short-term effects can be monitored favored by advertisers, which makes online advertising and traditional advertising as a mandatory , but also means more performance, more serious mandatory. There is no form of online advertising that exists for mandatory uniform industry standards, and no universal legally binding regulations, so this conflict will continue to exist.

Characteristics of Online Advertising Point 4.

Internet advertising should reflect the interaction between users, advertisers, and online media between the three:

Interactive online advertising, it is sometimes also known as interactive advertising , online advertising in interactive talk time, usually from user behavior for online advertising to consider, as some rich media ads can be set according to the user’s ads Some scenarios to make a choice, even in instant messaging advertising and staff in real time to talk, in fact, this interaction does not reflect the full meaning of the interactive online advertising, not to mention, in fact, very little of this interaction is effectively reflected Most of the online advertising just passively waiting for the user clicks.

The true meaning of interactive advertising network that reflects the interaction between users, advertisers, and networks among media, that is, the network provides efficient network media advertising environment and resources, advertisers can autonomously carry advertising, replace effect monitoring and management, and users can choose their own interest according to their needs of advertising information and its manifestations. Only established a good interaction between the three, in order to achieve the most harmonious environment online advertising, online advertising can make most companies can truly become the marketing strategy adopted by the value of online advertising is also in order to maximize out. This interaction has certain desirable features, but is not far from reality, currently used in the search engine marketing keyword advertising; PPC and other forms already demonstrated its initial value.

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