In the modern present-day world, competency has turned out to be the motto. Every company is hunting for a powerful and competent staff that will drive it toward a bright and progressive future. But the truth is that with the road of time and the arrival of technology, workforce competency has dropped and employee skills have turned out to be somewhat obsolete.  So, is there any solution for this issue? Are you pondering about this in your company?

Well, an apt and effective solution to this problem may be training need assessment (TNA). Yes, the concept offers insights and concrete data to discover the training needs and gaps that stays within a company, to augment employees’ performance. Through this, you can easily and effectively line up training with the business requirements of your company. You know a customized TNA aids to discover, assess and even compare what your company is doing with the skills, knowledge and even behaviors needed to augment its performance.

What do you mean by TNA?

TNA is an assessment process that acts as a diagnostic tool for deciding what training needs taking place. Such a survey gather data to decide what training requires to be developed to help the individuals and the company accomplish their goals and objectives. It is just an assessment that looks at the staff member and employee and organizational skills, knowledge, and capabilities, to find out any gaps or zones of need. Once the training needs get discovered, then you need deciding the objectives to be attained by the training. These objectives are going to create criteria for events of success and practicality.

Such an analysis may get carried out by managers who are in a position to observe their staff members and make proper recommendations for training founded on performance issues or gaps between the performance and the overall purposes. The analysis may also be performed on a company-wide level by Training as well as Development managers who evaluate the organization to discover needs.

A few Quick advantages of TNA

  • Right development of High-Performance workplaces through participation and engagement.
  • Part of succession strategy to recognize competence, ability and even potential.
  • Controls key performance and the requirements of the company to be addressed that shall accomplish outcomes.
  • The augment of training strategies right to the administrative structure, culture and even that of geography of the company in combination with powerful change management activity to ensure that the goals of the training get delivered and achieved.
  • Build credibility for the augment process with all investors
  • Prove the proof of alignment between the human resource programs and development, strategic objectives and even operational aims.
  • Professional assistance along with a fresh method for innovation
  • During structural or that of role change, TNA has a crucial role to play in identifying competency and behavioural requirements
  • In evaluation of your own recent training projects there might be a requirement for an alteration in initiatives that asks for a fresh analysis to evaluate the extent to which staff members have augmented and the company has benefited.
  • Earn respect of senior management for applying proper solutions that make a good difference
  • Proper Identification of gaps in the working setup and present solutions in the company.
  • Identification and assessment of present performance gaps among people, strategy, methods, behavioural and procedures.

A TNA is helpful for an organization to accomplish its goals. It reduces gaps between employee skills and the expertise needed by the job and department. The TNA survey can even create the basis for describing effectiveness of the training administered. You can easily re-administer the training requirement survey after the training was performed to see if there was any increase in performance or skills as evaluated by the survey. It is completely helpful for you to identify the general growth.

Do you feel you need a training program in your company?

There are different companies out there that have no clue about if they need a training program or not. If you too are confused about this concept then you must embrace TNA. It would be assistive for you to find out where the requirement of training is and where isn’t. You can even make sure that you have the proper program to train your employees in the most powerful manner.

Similarly, in case there are areas wherein training is not needed, you must not conduct any type of training programs. Of course, training programs are complicated , expensive and time consuming. Once you conduct the training program, you actually augment and refine the capabilities and skills of the professionals. However, there are even some business roles wherein training is not required.

Remember, you should be in a position to know and understand well where training is required and of which kind. Once you have a training program and you have organized it for once so far, it is going to be good if you do a right survey about how it went. Find out the overall facts and do proper analysis about the general productivity of the training program.  Remember, that training programs help you in removing any type of skill gaps in your working setting. You can be confident that all the employees and staff members working in a specific zone are rightly equipped with the required knowledge and skills.

Sometimes what happens is, you have the right staff with the right qualification,  but just because they were not given proper training, they end up becoming less effective for the roles they play in your organization. The thing is you need to hone their existence by providing them the right type of training that helps. And it is possible only when you analyze the training program before you implement it.


The bottom line is simple, training need identification is absolutely important for your business and you can make the utmost of it. After all, no matter what type of business you are, if your training is not effective and meeting the requirements, it would be waste of time, efforts and money.