Knowing where and how to spend your Arizona advertising budget is the hallmark of good business. It can also be a headache, especially when seeing all of the potential Phoenix billboards, bus stops, and sporting events have for generating interest. When looking for prime advertising real estate in one of the biggest cities in the western United States, you need to know the best ways to get noticed!

Why Phoenix?

There are many reasons to fall in love with the Valentine’s State, and a great advertising opportunity is just one of them! Great weather combined with a low cost of living makes the state a big draw for singles and families alike. There are also lower taxes on smaller businesses, along with a host of other incentives as well. Phoenix is a growing community hub, especially for the surrounding towns of Scottsdale and Temple.

The city’s swelling population is bolstered seasonally by snowbirds coming to the Scottsdale slopes for their winter fix. Business travel is big for Phoenix as well, and daytime commuters pass by Phoenix billboards day after day. Local demographics are spread wide across age and other factors, making it a great location to hit a wide variety of markets. 

Taking Advantage of Ad Space

Deciding where to advertise is only the first step. Phoenix provides businesses with a lot of different avenues for getting their message out to customers. As will all advertising, the main goal is to get your message seen. Here are three main ways you can let your ads interact with the Phoenix audience on a more personal level:


There’s nothing like a captive audience, and commuters waiting for an increase in the flow of traffic are just aching for things to turn their attention to. These are prime spots for quick, attention-grabbing messages that get to the heart of what your prospective customers are looking for. As a commuter city, it’s a great place to take advantage of Phoenix billboards.

Choose large fonts that are easy to read at a distance. You can’t always count on traffic to give your advertising a hand, and at highway speeds, most drivers can only keep their eyes on a Phoenix billboard for around five or six seconds. Contrasting colors up your communication game too, making text highly visible at range.

Sporting Events

From the determination and skill of Women’s Basketball to the hard-hitting intensity of Major League Baseball, Arizona has what every sports fan needs to keep cheering all year round. Football and golf are popular pastimes as well, and Phoenix is a mecca for those looking to get their game on. With all of those excited fans crammed into seats, there are a lot of opportunities to make connections with your market audience.

Using traditional or digital signage, advertising during Phoenix sporting events can be an easy and lucrative endeavor. Potential customers are walking past posters on their way to concessions or the restroom, and staring at banners while watching the players duke it out in the stadium. With both professional and collegiate exhibitions, there’s always a place for sports enthusiasts in Phoneix, and therefore always a place for your ad.

Tourist and Business Travel

Phoenix is becoming a destination city. People choose to check out this Arizona gem thanks to its beautiful, balmy summers and ski-intensive winters. With business booming in the city, it’s also a destination for long-term travel as businesses make their way into the community infrastructure. A busy airport means people in line for boarding, grabbing a bite to eat, or waiting for their loved ones to arrive. It also means a lot of eyes looking for something to draw their attention.

It’s not only the airport where you can make a big impact. Look to the Phoenix transit system, those buses and taxis that get residents and visitors to their destinations on time. Small posters or graphics inside taxis and at bus terminals are sure to draw some interest from commuters. The sides of city buses are essentially mobile Phoenix billboards, making their way around town for all to see. Catering to visitor destinations is a great way to take advantage of the bustling nature of the city.

Featuring Phoenix

Phoenix is a growing, bustling metropolis. As the city continues to draw in more businesses and citizens, its advertising potential is growing exponentially. Commuters sitting in cars, buses, and taxis are searching for distractions while sports enthusiasts take in every ad during the lulls of big game action. With so many opportunities, your message may get lost in the shuffle.

Think about the demographic you are trying to attract. Phoenix billboards may get a lot of looks during rush hour traffic, but if the message is aimed at retirees who generally aren’t trapped by a morning commute, it falls upon deaf ears. Choosing the best way to bring your ads to the public is just as important as what it says in the first place.