AD VERIFICATION                          AD VALIDATION
1. Ad verification is the process of checking the banner or the Ad is appearing at the right place i.e. right web page so that it can catch the right audience Ad Validation is a tool/process that provides automatic validation (quality assurance) of online ads for publishers, advertisers, agencies and ad networks.
2. In simple words ad verification is verifying of ads before it renders on a page. Ads validation is a check on the number of features of an ad so that it does not create any problem for publishers (mainly), advertisers, and agencies too.
3. It automate the QA process of checking the ads appearing on intended websites It automate the QA process of checking the ad tags
4. This process save the wastage of impressions This process saves time in checking the ads
5. Ads are not checked internally Technical aspects of ads are checked like CPU usage, click tag format, frame rate, flash version, etc.
6. It’s a best technology when the ads have to spread across hundreds or even thousands of sites. It’s a best technology when there are number of ads to check , saves too much of manual work
7. Geographic check They work irrespective of location

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  1. Can you provide some recommendations for the best ad validation tools out on the market today? Especially for video ads?

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