If you’re a life coach looking for new clients you may be wondering exactly how to find them. Many clients come from word of mouth, but sometimes this just isn’t enough to keep you busy. We’ve spoken to some experts in the life coaching industry to bring you 6 marketing strategies made just for you. Follow these steps to gain more clients more quickly whilst earning more money. These are our top 6 marketing strategies made for those in the life coaching industry.

Social Media

Ok, this one is simple. All businesses need to be on social media these days and as a life coach, you’re no different. It’s one of the top ways to spread your message, interest people in your personality, and tempt them to reach out. We spoke to the experts at Coach Training EDU who told us that a huge portion of their new graduates’ business comes through social media. As a life coach, social media platforms such as Instagram are a perfect way to show your personality and get across what you’re all about. This is what will make people reach out and try a session with you.


When it comes to blogging, there are two options. Firstly, a good idea is to have a blog set up of your own. This should be part of your overall website and include some well-written pieces about your experiences along your coaching journey. Keep it professional by not naming names, and write in a friendly tone. You can also try and get your blogs published on other sites. This is often referred to as guest blogging and is a great way for people to stumble upon your ideas when they least expect it.

Get On Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming as influential as any other media these days. People listen to podcasts to learn, so what better place to try and market yourself and what you can do for people. You’re probably wondering how the hell you can get on a podcast. It’s all about networking. You’d be surprised just how many people are producing podcasts these days. It’s also beneficial, if you have time, to make your own podcast. This way you can swap your way into other people’s podcasts by offering them airtime on yours.

Email Marketing

A simple yet proven tool. Email marketing. Find a way of collecting people’s emails. A simple sign up box on your website or social media will be a fine start. Over time, gather as many emails as you can. Then, send out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters to everyone on your list. Tell them stories about your line of work, offer them free tips and advice, sell yourself! Keeping these emails short and friendly will encourage people to check out more of what you do, or reach out for an appointment.

Use Testimonials

One of the most important things for a life coach is proof of their work doing good for people. You want potential new clients to see that you have helped others before them and can potentially do the same for them. Using review sites is a good place to start. Ask your clients to place honest reviews on all the biggest sites and then interact with those reviews to show your personality. It is also worth asking your former or current clients to write testimonials that they are happy for you to share. This way you can use them on your website, social media, or blogs.

Introductory Offers

Finally, many life coaches choose to give free first sessions or other introductory offers to new clients. This is often because many people are skeptical about life coaching or simply aren’t really sure what it entails. Letting them see you for free, even for a short session, to start understanding exactly what it is you do may encourage them to come back again and again. It is, of course, a risky strategy as you are giving up your time for free, so only set aside a limited amount of time for free sessions. Be careful not to give too much away for free.

Using all of these tips and tricks for life coach marketing will surely have you headed in the right direction for a vastly increased client base within just a few months. None of these will create results overnight, but they will certainly create a steady and healthy increase of interest in you as time goes on. Try implementing them into your working time as soon as possible, we are certain you will be pleased with the results.