Have you been working on putting together a political science blog and you’re finding it’s hard to stay on top of things? Have your uploads been inconsistent, which has resulted in low readership numbers? Obviously, when you go to the trouble to create and then post a blog, the hope is that it is well-received, creates reader engagement, and you get the kind of numbers you want in terms of page views. All of that can seem easier said than done though, as there is a lot of work involved besides just writing and posting the blog.

Here we’ll take a look at how you can go about creating a content schedule that you can stick to for your political science blog. This can help to get things on track, boost the amount of readers you get, and make things smoother on you.

Decide How Often You Will Post

The first question you need to ask yourself is how often you want to post. The worst thing you can do is use an inconsistent schedule, as readers will come to learn your schedule and want to visit when new content is posted. So, whether you choose to post multiple times a week, weekly, once a month, etc., make sure you are consistent.

Think About the Time of Day to Post

It’s also important to give thought to what time of day you plan to post. Again, you need to be consistent, but this is when it’s good to have an understanding of who your readers are. You want to post when they will be most likely to see the blog and have time to read it. This may take a bit of tweaking on your part.

Choose a Few Key Categories

Next, you can choose a few key categories that you want to focus on, and from there you can start to plug titles in. If you have a list of topic ideas that are ready and waiting to be researched, it makes writing the blog much faster. As you use up topics, be sure to fill it in with more ideas.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Finally, you want to be sure you’re giving yourself enough time to write high-quality blogs that resonate with your readers.

Educate Yourself Further

Of course, all that planning of the schedule will go to waste if you aren’t keeping the topics fresh and interesting. You need to be giving readers a reason to visit your blog in the first place. While you may think you are well-informed when it comes to politics at home and abroad, often there is still a lot to be learned.

It may be wise to enroll in a course that can help to fill in the gaps and just give you a better understanding of the world. Take for example the World Governments continuing education classes online through Fresno Pacific University. This particular course compares governments in six key countries, which are Nigeria, Great Britain, Russia, China, Mexico, and Iran. The more you know, the easier you will find to come up with engaging topics.

A Successful Content Schedule

By following these tips, you’ll be able to put together a blog with a schedule that is consistent.