1.Online advertising has different ways to advertise and attract users, but the advertisement remains for a lesser time than offline advertising.Offline advertising has less ways but a bigger advantage of it’s being physical which people don’t forget easily and usually  produces a high quality lead.
2.The reach is too high, you can advertise all over the globe.The reach is too low in compare to online advertising.
3.Fast process as at any instant you can always check the performance of your advertisements.The performance of the campaign cannot to be calculated anytime; it’s a slow process and takes time to get the result.
4.Online Advertisers can track if the ad has reached to users and how many users?In offline there is no way to track if the users heard or saw their advertisements.
5.Time is never a constraint; advertising can be done 24×7.Time is always a constraint as TV and radio shows are broadcast at a particular time, newspapers are published daily, and magazines weekly or monthly
6.Customization is possible whenever required, change of the content, time, targeting, etc.It’s not easy and takes time to make any change for the advertisement.
7.Less costly than offline advertising.Costly, as making billboards, banners, radio advertising all the charges are too high as compared to online
8.Advertisements are shown to right user.They are shown to all the users no matter they are relevant for them or not.

Now, what is what is online advertising in detail?

In traditional marketing, companies provide products, and users choose products to purchase according to their own needs. But in this case, it will also cause sales lag. For example, a large number of products are produced, and the long-term inventory backlog will lose a large amount of raw materials and related amounts because they are not satisfied with customers.

Online network marketing uses big data to investigate user needs, analyze user pain points, and then provide users with satisfactory products.

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  1. True @AgumentedRealityAdvertising. Lot of scope in AR and VR provided future VR devices are more accessible to more and more people ..

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