It is difficult to work on scanned documents and can be challenging at times. As the editing functionalities are entirely limited, readers find it hard to use them, rendering them unoperational despite the utility. However, scanned PDFs can be converted to your comfort. 

But not all PDF readers offer this feature. PDF readers don’t offer this feature at all. So, you need an additional platform to convert these PDFs into readable and editable documents. There are various tools available for this purpose and that too for free. 


CocoDoc is one of the best PDF editing apps available online, both for free and premium versions based on your needs. CocoDoc provides all PDF editing features like editing, merging, converting, compressing, and rotating. You can also store your edited files so that you can visit back your edited works if at all you lose your documents on your local device. 

CocoDoc is a comprehensive PDF editing place that allows you to work on your PDFs with ease. It also has an OCR PDF scanner and convertible feature that comes to your rescue in times of trouble. This feature allows you to scan the documents with clear resolution and convert with 100% accuracy and zero mistakes. 

When you use the demo version of the OCR PDF scanner, features like 50MB storage space become available to you. This comes free to the user and does not charge any fees. However, it is limited to such capacity, and the user cannot write over the PDF files. This limits the usability of the file. There is not much that one can do with those files. But the free demo version is great for someone who is checking out the website to see how it works. 

Easy Step to Convert OCR to PDF OCR

CocoDoc can easily turn a PDF file into a Word File, and this is editable in the premium version. The steps for the same are easy, hassle-free, and quick. So even if you are on a deadline and need a quick solution for PDF file conversion, CocoDoc is here to save your day. The process of conversion becomes simple because of the OCR technology used. This technology uses the characters present in the PDF file by recognizing them and then turns them into readable and editable texts.

 The following step-by-step procedure provides you a brief guide on how to scan and convert your scanned documents into workable PDFs within a few minutes: 

Step1: Access Tool

To turn your PDF files into editable or customizable texts, you have to first visit CocoDoc’s website. After that, place a search request for converting PDF under the features section. There are various options available that allow you to convert the PDF into Word, Excel, PPT, or JPG. Select the one you are looking for and click on Convert PDF. 

Step2: Upload File

Upload  After clicking on convert PDF, a new page will appear that will ask you to upload the file that needs to be converted. Here, you need to choose the desired file that you want to convert.

Upload the required file and fill in all the specifications you think fit your requirements. 

Step3: Preview

When you are done with specifying the requirements, click on Convert Button. It will show you the preview of your document to ensure everything is according to your requirement.

Step4: Download

Within a few seconds, output download will be generated, which you can download and save for future usage.

This is a simple 4 step guide to converting OCR PDF, which takes only a few minutes. 


CocoDoc’s OCR PDF scanner and converter offer the following features:

●Scanning and converting OCR PDFs into either documents or PDFs.

●No restriction of either file size or number of pages. 

●You can access the site from any device. 

●You can scan and convert all file formats, including Jpeg, jpg, .doc, and .pdf. 

●You can edit converted files like a document. 

●Your output file can be stored and used for any further future operations. 


OCR PDFs are limitedly functional, which makes it difficult to carry on all your editing work. However, the OCR PDF scanner and convert feature eases your work burden by converting the PDF into a readable and editable format that lets you work with peace and with 100% accuracy. 

We recommend you go through the instructions on the website to learn more about the feature.