Mobile Advertising Advantages:

  1. Reach: Reach is maximum in mobile today, the study says mobile phone penetration is approaching 85%-90% of US population while the Internet only reach is going around 70% of homes and workplaces.
  2. Interactive
  3. Personal: Generally a mobile is not shared and is always personal so the data managed for a user by demographics, behavioral history and presence, including automatic location identification will be always correct i.e.
  4. Pervasive: Always with you, always on
  5. Measurement: As with online, it should be possible to measure the impact of campaigns directly
  6. Fraud resistance: Any carriers can audit usage and click-to-call can easily be verified. Fraud detection is very easy as compared to desktop advertising
  7. Instant results: The mobile is always carried by users with them thus the chances of looking at the ads is instant so whether the result is negative or positive is instant i.e. User response can be tracked almost instantaneously.
  8. Cost: Mobile advertising costs a fraction of what television and radio ads cost.
  9. Exact Targeting: Carriers have customer data and location information potentially available for targeting which can be very helpful
  10. Click Rate: It is generally high as compared to desktop advertising
  11. High penetration rate
  12. Location Targeting: Good for local advertiser and can target around their business easily
  13. Easy to work: It is simpler and less expensive as compared with the same for desktops or laptops advertising.

 Mobile Advertising Disadvantages/Challenges:

  1. Accessibility: Small screens and limited keyboards constrain display and interactive capabilities is a bigger challenge for Mobile Advertising
  2. Technical: Differing screen sizes and software for mobile, other standards for mobile web and rich clients is also a big challenge while framing the ad
  3. Blocking: Carriers might block or impede some third party innovators
  4. Reach over world: The reach over world is not as high as low as consumption of mobile content is small and penetration of 3G devices is still low in most countries.
  5. WAP: The wap technology is still inadequate which discourages web searching and surfing but is increasing with high pace
  6. Scarcity: Mobile sites as compared to desktop/laptops sites is very minimal, only 8.8% of retailers are having mcommerce site
  7. Data Transfer: Slow data transfer as compared to Desktop/Laptop
  8. User-Friendly: Mobile is not that user friendly as desktop/laptop due to its screen size; this is one of the major reasons for limiting the user using internet via mobile
  9. New and still rising which will take time to create is impact
  10. Testing Time: It takes more time to QA every ad as you need to test on both the major OS i.e. iOS and Android as they both display content differently
  11. Privacy Issue: It is much more than desktop/laptop in mobile so user are more concerned about it
  12. Not all types of ads are supported on all the devices


What is Mobile Advertsing?

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