Depending on ad or creative, categorization of ad has been done which helps the ad server to understand what kind of ad it is picking. Categorization also helps to target the right publishers.

Some common ad categories are:

  • Adult: Any creative or ad that has content meant for adults i.e. nudity, it should fall under adult category. Example: Condom or lingerie ads are adult categorized ads.

  • Alcohol: Such category is for the ads that show or promotes any brand of alcohol. Ad having any relevance to the alcohol brand will fall under adult category. Example: Carlsberg, Blender’s pride.
Alcohol Ads_kOA
  • Dating: Sites like zoosk, match, or ads falls under this category.
Dating Ad_kOA
  • Gambling: A creative that encourages a user to gamble by purchasing a ticket, or betting money, should be classified as Gambling. Lottery and online poker are some examples. Any ad having a word “bet” also is categorized as Gambling.
Gambling ads_kOA
  • Sweepstakes: As per Wikipedia, sweepstakes are promotions targeted toward both generating enthusiasm and providing incentive reactions among customers by enticing consumers to submit free entries into drawings of chance (and not skill) that are tied to product or service awareness wherein the featured prizes are given away by sponsoring companies. Prizes can vary in value from less than one dollar to more than one million U.S. dollars and can be in the form of cash, cars, homes, electronics, etc. By this definition, any creative that encourages the user to sign up for free with the promise of a prize should be classified under this category.
Sweepstake ads_kOA
  • Political: Creative that promotes political parties, political views, or a candidate should be marked under Political.
political ads_kOA
  • Religious: Creative that promote a religion, religious parties, or religious views, should be categorized under this category.
Religious ads_kOA
  • Suggestive: There is a difference between the suggestive and adult categories. Not all adult ads can be categorized as suggestive or vice versa. A creative is suggestive if there is an underlying meaning to the ad basically a double meaning ad which is not directly showing any nudity but has an adult meaning to it.
  • Tobacco: Creative that promotes products with tobacco should be categorized under this category.
Tobacco ads_kOA
  • Violence: Any creative that has violence, or supports violence or violent movements, should be classified under this category. Below example shows a bullet which makes it fall under violence category
Violence ad_kOA

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