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According to Pew Research Center, 66% of people get news and other information from social media, so forming a better social media strategy can be one of the few places to get better outcomes. Link Shorteners may be said to shorten links, but they provide you with much more. If you choose an excellent URL shortener, you will unlock a boost in customer engagement, which helps acquire new prospects and leads. 

The following link management tools can also help you get deeper insights into how your social media campaign is doing and let you know what things you can improve on. Along with this, it gives you the freedom to customize the links to boost your brand’s credibility. So how can you find the perfect URL shortener for your business? Eight of the best URL shorteners are mentioned below in our blog. 

  1. RetargetKit

Creating short links is just the beginning of what RetargetKit can do for you; you get to explore many more features in this app. You can capture leads, boost your brand awareness, increase sales, and control your statistics better. 

You get to craft a unique link by adding your domain name that has a long-lasting impact on your clients. It also helps you to retarget your audience and track them using a pixel setup.

  1. Pixelfy

Pixelfy ensures that you create links that drive your prospects in so that your customers can share them, which can boost your sales. And the plus point is whatever plan, you don’t have to worry about the difference in the basic features. With every plan, get an interactive dashboard that will help you gain deeper insights into how your links perform. 

You can shorten many links simultaneously using Pixelfy, and the links customized through this link shortener are easier to recollect by customers, increasing their chances of sharing. Using this shortener’s AB testing feature, you get to test which link is performing more and which one isn’t.


Short links help your post to appear more legit. Owly has linked its URL shortener to the Hootsuite platform, and many features that are provided by this shortener are free. This shortener app helps you find whether your link successfully grabs leads and converts them into prospects. The links created through owly shortener don’t appear spammy and earn you more clicks. 

With the help of Owly, you can find out what the visitors do when they click on your website. It helps you get a branded look.

  1. Bitly

If you are up to finding a URL shortener that helps you engage your customers, then Bitly is the right shortener for you. The short links that bitly shorten help connect your audience, and your company manages URL tracking and helps you give URL redirects.

You also get to generate QR codes that are fully customizable and come with tracking features. Through this shortener, you can use a link in bio feature, where you can customize more than one link and manage and track them simultaneously.

  1. Rebrandly

Rebrandly offers you more than just a shortening service; you get to shorten links that use a custom domain. You can build a more cohesive strategy using this shortener which lets you get detailed stats from social media, marketing and ads. You increase your customers’ trust in your business and help you improve your brand’s visibility.

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This URL shortener helps you shorten and redirect links to meet your goals. Drive better results from your social media campaign using this application’s tracking, analyzing, and link managing features. Make your prospects feel comfortable while you increase conversions using more innovative and non-intrusive tools. 

Through smart data collection, meet the expectations of your customers quickly and more efficiently. This app enables retargeting your audience so you can know who fits your customer base better. 

  1. Sniply

This tool helps you convert your prospects into your customers by creating links that can be shared Gather data about your prospects and increase sales. This tool helps you convert your prospects into customers by creating links that can be shared and included in your posts easily. Through Sniply, your link is not the only thing you can customize and shorten; you can also customize your blogs, articles, or web pages. 

When customers click on the given link, they get redirected to your company’s web page with your CTA

  1. T2M

T2M software makes the URL shortening and tracking process, and they provide separate dashboards for tracking. It allows you to gather every statistic about the device on which your prospects are clicking, and the other tells about your prospects’ location, all under one dashboard. 

The statistics depend on per user basis, meaning your prospects would be instantly directed to the destination website. Although a free plan will help you get everything, with a paid plan, you get more advanced URLs. 


Almost 88% of people who check your website online will shop or visit your offline store. It implies that improving the online experience for your customers also boosts your offline sales. You need to plan your marketing strategy better by using links that attract traffic and can increase your CTR. A URL shortener can help you get all this with just one branded link.