Online businesses have been getting more and more popular with each year. That is because it is now possible to build a legitimate business with a properly functioning website in less than a day, thanks to the various free and paid tools available online. Of course, the global pandemic also had its doing.

Regardless of whether the pandemic had a role to play in it or not, it is important to note that many online businesses are beginning to function as virtual businesses. This includes operating without a physical workspace and functioning remotely. As stated before, with all of the digital tools we have access to today, it is more than possible. Concurrently, your business is saving a good deal of money.

Unfortunately, these benefits of working remotely without an office comes with a few downsides. The productivity levels might drop significantly, and it will become very hard to avoid miscommunication between the team members. Therefore today, we want to share some tips with you that will help you run a successful online business remotely.

Tip #1: Automate the Workflows With Specialized Tools

Managing your team and their workflows remotely might be quite a challenge. This could lead to micromanaging, which is unhealthy for you as well as the team. Moreover this also wastes a lot of time and energy.  

The primary goal is to ensure that your team accomplishes its job and you work on projects essential to the company, without wasting too much time acting as a consultant to your employees. Therefore, it is recommended to choose effective communication tools like Slack that lets you automate employee workflows with AhoyTeam. All you need to do is integrate the app to Slack.

With this tool, you will be able to make lists of tasks. The tool will notify and remind you about those tasks, while your employees are notified about their deadlines when needed. This way, you can focus on the tasks that are important to you, instead of wasting away the whole workday chatting with your employees. 

Tip #2: Have a Good Internet Connection

If you run an online business and manage your team remotely, a good internet connection is crucial both for your effectiveness and communication. If there is no internet connection, you’ll be left in the dark – disconnected from your team and unable to continue working. 

Thus, a good internet connection is something that you should definitely invest in. A choice to stick to an unreliable internet connection could prevent you from responding to important requests and orders promptly, which might also lead to the loss of an important customer. Hence, with a bad internet connection, you are risking not to save, but to lose money.

Tip #3: Make Your Website More Engaging

As the competition in the eCommerce market is growing every day, it is necessary to outshine your competitors. And one of the most effective ways to distinguish yourself and be perceived as more interesting than your competition is to make your website more engaging and demonstrate added value. 

To create a more engaging website, you could improve a lot of different elements: first of all, make your homepage simplistic and easy to understand – otherwise, people may leave your website very quickly. Avoid visuals that stand out too much, optimize the website for mobile devices, choose a reliable hosting provider, make your social media pages visible so that people can follow you, and use effective, call to action pop-ups.

Tip #4: Keep on Track With the Latest Trends

The dynamicity of the online world is both the best and the worst thing about online business. On one hand, it gives you a lot of new opportunities, tools, and possibilities. But on the other hand, it might be quite difficult to keep track of all of those changes and trends.

But luckily, you are not the only one who needs to keep up with trends – and that could become your greatest advantage against your competition. Because no matter how many competitors you have in your business niche, not all of them would be able to keep up with the trends and adapt to them to optimize their results and drive more traffic to their websites.

To keep up with the trends, you must always be ready and prepared to learn about your niche every day. Also, the more you work with social media and the more relevant you become, the easier it will be to spot the latest trends – you won’t even have to skim through articles to learn about them.