S.No. Intrusive Marketing Non – Intrusive Marketing
1 The term Intrusive means invasive or unwelcomed.  It is the form of Advertising that often ends up upsetting the customer. Non-intrusive ads are meant for a well-targeted audience shown at the right time and at the right place.
2 Internet users being bombarded with random ad, which is why almost 60% users have already installed ad blockers which blocks these intrusive ads to a certain extent. Users trust these ads a lot more as they are targeted to them personally. Ad blockers allow these to pass through and are displayed on the web page.
3 Content on the ads is random and often out of sync with the information on the webpage due to which it fails to gather to interest of the users. Content is well thought Out and Researched which focus on conveying Brand’s Message clearly.  These are intelligently placed on the Website to gather user attention.
4 Most part of the revenue spent on these campaigns fails to generate good returns. This is primarily due to poor performance of these campaigns Being retargeted these ads deliver better results and generate high Returns
5 These are generalised ads being pushed out to all the audience available on the web. Retargeting technique is used by the advertisers to reach out to the users with ads of their interests.
6 Advertisers usually focus on serving impressions rather than specific ads to target audience. As Users trust these ads they are willing to engage and click these ads which form better relationship between brand and Users.
7 Random ads on websites are the form of intrusive marketing which is often ignored by users Facebook and Google are prime examples who serve non-intrusive ads. Facebook records user likes and serves them with relevant ads.