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Rich Media has played such an important role in online advertising, bringing the normal banner ad from highly interactive ad, RM has also played an awesome role in Mobile advertising bringing so much of verities, today there are so many of RM ads provider like Amobee, Celtra, Phulant, etc.

Though Mobile is not much different of desktop advertising, but still has features different and with some limitations too. Let’s see the different RM ads that we can have in Mobile:

  • Animation Ads:

This is the most common ad used in mobile advertising, generally cheap and easy to make (of course depends upon the complexity). But the richness of animation has gone so good that it looks the same as the animation feature in flash ads.

  • 3 Dimension Ads:

3D ads are special feature ads which add richness to rich media ads. In this kind of RM ad the creative rotates or tilts in with the tilting of Mobile by the user. This is a real time feature and attracts the user one time for sure.

  • Click or Tap to call Ads:

These RM ads have features to make a call on the number displayed on the banner as a user click on it. It is a best way to get conversion, call ads generally work awesome for search ads but still the RM also works awesome.

  • Social Bookmark Ads:

These ads have all the social bookmarks link into the same ad, example: An eBay ad may also try to increase their users by getting the users like or join their social pages, social bookmarks includes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Swipe Ads:

These are quite common ads for touchscreen phones having swipe feature into it, swiping may lead to next level of ad or any new image or can be used for some games too.

CPD i.e. cost per download ads are ads when clicked downloads something, it can be file, software, app,etc. Depending what client want to get download if someone clicks on ad. Majorly these are used for InApp Ads.

  • Drag Ads:

Another RM ad with a fascinating feature of dragging on the ad, you can drag and drop on the creative making it go to the landing page after successful drag and drop

These RM ads show the distance of the shop from the user, it is dynamic as the user changes its place the distance changes accordingly on the banner. Example: Mc Donald ad showing distance with the banner ad, so any user who is around the shop will be shown the advert with the distance on it making higher chance of conversion.

  • Shake Ads:

As the name says these kinds of ads has the feature of shaking, with the shaking of the mobile there can be many feature added like change of color, change of image, opening of video, or opening of the main advert etc.

  • Map Ads:

Ads having map into it is a very useful feature and thus having a good success rate for advertiser having physical shops, these kinds of ads contain map which shows the route to the advertiser from the current location which is an additional and a useful feature for the users seeing the ad.

  • Camera Ads or Instagram Ads:

These RM ads have feature of taking live picture and then sharing it. It’s a playful feature which attracts users this giving a good notice to the adverts. The ad asks for an image into it where you can take your own image and integrate into it which later can also be shared as the ad contains the social bookmarking feature too.

  • Twitter Feeds Ads:

These ads are different of social bookmark ads as in social bookmark ads it has only the link button on the ad but in twitter feeds ads shows up some previous tweets made for the advertiser, it can be the stored one or can also show the live, depending upon the requirement of the client that they want to show the favorite ones or all the live tweets.

  • Wipe Ads:

A great feature for touchscreens phone ads, wipe ads are first shown with some moisture over an image or snowy ad which when wiped shows up with the actual content.

  • Paint Ads:

Another playful feature attracting users and thus higher user engagements is having painting feature into the ad. These ads contain feature of adding your own painting or by quick painting on the ad.

  • Gaming Ads:

Gaming ads are ones having attractive game on it making the user play and thus with successful completing may ask for email id, name or any information. The ads may be puzzle, shake related ads, etc. These ads are famous for higher engagements.

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