After some research making of different online advertising companies including ad networks and ad agencies below is the generalized structure that came into picture.

Sales team is one of the important team in every field as they are the one who brings the business to the company so it is always said if the sales guys in the company are awesome the company goes bigger day by day.


Structure of Sales Team











Level 1 – Board of Directors Level


Experience:  12+ years’
Salary: 15+ LPA


Level2 – Management Level


Experience:  7-8+ years

Salary: 10+ LPA


Level3 – Management Level (Regional Managers)


Experience: 5+ years

Salary: 7.5+ LPA


Level4 – Executive Level


Experience: 2+ years

Salary: 4+ LPA

Level5 – Associate Level


Experience: Fresher’s – 2years

Salary: (2-4) LPA


*NOTE: Associate and Executive level can have number of people as per the region they are working on.

*NOTE: Salary may differ but above is the general pay that is there in the market.

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