A spy app is actually a software which enables the user to access information, monitor and track another device without any physical contact. The software collects information from the ‘target’ device and displays it to the user at hand, most of them stay hidden in the target device and require installation from the target device.

What are spy apps used for?

The few of the main reasons for using a spy app is to monitor your child’s activity on their device, keep parental controls on your child’s device, monitor your spouse’s or significant other’s activity, monitoring employees, etc.

Additionally, some people use these apps to keep track of their own devices in case they are stolen or lost and also have a backup in case important data or information is lost.

Spy apps can be used on any device depending on the software you use and their features.

Features and Services of Spy Apps

Regarding features and services, it all comes down to the user preference and requirement. But here are the few common things that almost every spy app has to offer (few apps might not have all these features):

  • Viewing SMS/text messages/IM
  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media
  • View call logs
  • Access to a microphone or camera to view or listen to the surroundings
  • Monitor web browser activity
  • Show live screen activity
  • Block certain apps, websites, contacts
  • View pictures or videos in the gallery
  • Manage internet usage

One thing to definitely look for in all of these apps is Customer Service so that their team is ready to solve any inconveniences that the user might face along the way.

Is it safe?

When purchasing a spy app, users should make sure its reliable, has good reviews and completes the work that they are paying for. It is the consumer’s responsibility to do their research and choose a trustworthy software. Remember, you are also giving them access to your device so make sure it’s completely reliable.

A few spy apps can also be detected by the target user. There are numerous ways they can find out that their smartphone usage is being spied on.

Different Types of Spy Apps

Each spy app is catered to specific users. Some require installation from the target device and they give a license key which you enter and you’re good to go. On the other hand, there are also other apps which don’t require rooting the target device.

Few spy apps are used to monitor phone activity, PC/Mac activity, or both. They also offer services where you can monitor multiple devices at a go. Usually, these apps run from the user’s computer. However, there are apps which enable the user to remotely spy on the target using their phone or logging in from any web browser.

The subscription or packages range from 1 month to 12 months including different levels such as basic-professional.

Check out Eric Farley’s Blog for more detailed information regarding spy apps and their usage.

Do I have to be tech-savvy to use these?

Absolutely not. These applications usually take around 15 minutes to install and are extremely user friendly. All the information is centered down to simple wording and most of their websites are easy to understand for any person who can access the web.

To summarize, spy apps have become very common over the years and the features and services that each has to offer have improved significantly. Before purchasing one, you should make sure its legal in your country to use spyware because if the target somehow finds out, you are in trouble. However, it is safe to say that spy apps are an easy solution to personal problems that include keeping your devices or information safe no matter what. In case the device gets stolen, even if it is turned off, the owner can easily track it down. But if your reason is to monitor someone’s activity or keeping your child safe, this is also one of the best and easy solutions out there.