Comparing Omniture and Google Analytics is not really apt as both serves the site analysis purpose but Omniture stands at a different league providing several advanced segmentation whereas GA gives the basic plus some advanced tracking which is of course covered by Omniture too. But though people have this common question in mind, let’s cover some points to show the differences between the both:

S No. Google Analytics Omniture
 1. It’s completely free and is a best tool for smaller businesses or websites Omniture is typical and involves some cost ($30K – $100K) during implementation, you don’t find free login to see Omniture working
 2. Implementation process is much more easier then Omniture as it does not involves a lot of pre configuration at the page level Omniture needs technically smart people and can be handled by the ones who already knows end to end process of Omniture. This requires heavy configuration at the page level which in turn is beneficial as you get to see all the user behavior
 3. Google Analytics can be used as an enterprise platform but not as apt as Omniture, it’s an amazing tool for basic tracking Omniture is completely an enterprise platform which is majorly used by bigger firms like HP, Microsoft, etc.
 4. Real time traffic reporting is possible in GA Real time data is seen but there is a lag of around 2 hours
 5. Only 5 custom variables can be defined in GA free service whereas paid can provide 50 variables Omniture provides a limit of 75 traffic properties, 75 conversion variables and 100 events per report suite
 6. You cannot capture personal identifiable data in GA, it is against Google policies It is allowed in Omniture and also provides access to individual visitor data

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