SafeOpt is a platform that’s used by both businesses and consumers. Businesses use it for email retargeting, and consumers for getting deals. To be honest, businesses are the ones who benefit most from it. The reason for this is that it enables them to get in touch with consumers who would otherwise have been anonymous. It is possible to send consumers emails, re-engage them, and encourage them to return and make purchases. Businesses can even send coupon codes and unique discounts to people via email, even if they don’t have their email addresses.

This post will explore SafeOpt in more detail, explaining how it actually works, for businesses and shoppers:

Using the Platform

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, you can benefit from using SafeOpt’s services. Consumers can save money on their purchases using SafeOpt, and businesses can re-engage users, market products, and offer promotional codes. Rather than addressing SafeOpt from the perspective of just businesses or just consumers, this post will cover how the platform works for both of them, so that you can get a true perspective of what it is like to use and what the advantages of using it are.

Business Use

Signing Up

When a business signs up for SafeOpt’s platform, they have to pay. The amount that they have to pay is very minimal. The sign-up process is relatively straightforward and just involves submitting one’s personal information, providing some information about one’s business, and then paying. Once you are signed up, you are ready to go. As soon as customers visit your site, you will receive notifications and will be able to send emails to them, encouraging them to come back and make purchases.

Promotional Codes

You are able (and encouraged) to send promotional codes to the people who visit your website. Shoppers activate SafeOpt’s platform so that they can receive news of promotional offers and codes. If you don’t offer promotional codes, then it kind of defeats the point of using the platform in the first place. When sending out promotional codes, make sure that you don’t reduce the price of your products by too much. Reducing their price significantly can devalue your brand. Devaluing your brand is the last thing that you should do because it can damage your reputation severely.

Further Information

You are also able to send consumers further information about the products or pages that they have been looking at. Again, it is strongly recommended that in your emails you send promotional codes to people. Even if somebody was on your ‘About us’ page you can still send them a promotional code. However, it is also recommended that in addition to a promotional code, you send people further information about the pages that they have been looking at. Again, if somebody was on your  ‘About us’ page, then you can send them a little bit more information about yourself, including what your brand’s mission is, what you stand for, and what you want to achieve.

Engaging Users

The greatest advantage of using SafeOpt’s platform is that you are able to engage people who were engaged but have left your site, without first advertising to them. Sending such individuals emails can be a fantastic way of getting them back and converting them into customers. You never know the reason why a person might have left your site. They might have been about to purchase a product, but somebody distracted them. By sending them a promotional code and an email encouraging them to come back, you can convert them quite easily.

Consumer Use

Signing Up

For consumers, signing up is very straightforward. All that a consumer needs to do is to submit their email address, and they are ready to go. As soon as their email address has been submitted, any website that they visit that uses SafeOpt’s service will be able to send them emails. The sign-up process is very simple and doesn’t cost anything. Consumers are able to use the service for free. It is businesses that have to pay to use it. Because of how simple it is to use (and how easy the sign-up process is), SafeOpt’s platform has over 260 million engaged users.

Online Shopping

Once you have the platform activated, you can go ahead with your normal online shopping. If the brands you shop with are using SafeOpt, then you will receive emails. You can also view a list of all of the brands that use SafeOpt. Viewing this list is a good way of learning about new businesses that sell products or services you are interested in. Then, shopping with these brands is a guaranteed way to get discounts. At the minute, everyone is feeling the crunch. Using SafeOpt’s platform is a very effective way of saving yourself money and supporting businesses.

Receiving Codes

Sometimes you receive codes via email, other times you don’t. Mostly though, you will receive codes. It is only the most exclusive, luxury businesses that don’t send people codes. It is common practice for luxury businesses (like high-end fashion designers) not to give people discounts on their products. However, even if you don’t receive a code, you will still receive an email telling you about a business, or providing more information about a specific product, i.e., one that you were looking at before. If you do receive codes, then you can usually use them in combination with other codes, like ones sent to people when they sign up for a store’s newsletter.

Silencing Stores

Finally, if a store keeps sending you emails despite you not being interested, you can easily silence them. All you need to do is to reach out to SafeOpt’s customer support department and explain to them that you do not want to hear from that store anymore. Then, SafeOpt will stop that store from being able to send you emails. Silencing emails is a very simple process, so you do not need to worry about being repeatedly spammed by stores you don’t want to shop with.

SafeOpt’s platform is used by hundreds of millions of people, and for good reason. It allows consumers to save money and helps businesses to make sales. In times like these, platforms such as SafeOpt have never been so useful. The signup process is very simple, so if you want to save money (or make sales), what’re you waiting for?