Franking machines are machines that have been created with the purpose of transferring postage stamps onto envelopes, parcels, or boxes. You can either own a franking machine or rent one, but whichever you choose, franking machines undoubtedly serve a great purpose and enable you to print postage stamps without doing it by hand, which would surely take forever, and would take multiple mailroom staff as it did once upon a time.

Franking machines are licensed by the Royal Mail and are used by businesses and companies globally, thus reducing mailroom costs. It also requires less staff on the payroll. Franking machines can print their own stamps which mean you do not have to invest in postage stamps, and are greatly beneficial because they do not require you to have an entire room of staff operating the machine or printing stamps, rather all you need is one person to handle the machine and send the post.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

What Are the Benefits of a Franking Machine?

Franking machines are not too expensive, and there are many finance options available if you cannot afford one. Franking machines can seriously boost your business and can be instrumental in expanding your business – without the use of franking machines, businesses would spend significant overhead employing mailroom personnel to run to and from the store purchasing stamps. A half-century ago a mailroom would be buzzing with workers all employed to print and stamp individual packages, which certainly takes a lot of time, and costs a lot of money.

With the advent of the franking machine, less and less staff were required. Even as much as a half-century ago mailroom staff were still required to operate the more conventional franking machines by hand; but now, thanks to the digital advancements, they require no more than a single person to operate them, you simply feed the packages through and press the button and the machine will operate automatically. The great advancements with franking machines have rendered more conventional mail stamping methods unnecessary and thankfully this means companies can cut down on expensive overheads and reduce their expenditure, which can be great for a fledgling business taking flight. ­The advancements in franking machines have certainly made every single business’s operation a lot easier and have improved the way in which businesses send their mail.


Franking Machines Can Be Cheap

You can get franking machines for a very reasonable price and you do not always have to buy them. The benefits of owning your own franking machine as opposed to leasing one are that you will outright own your franking machine and although you will have to pay a large one-off cost you will not have to adhere to monthly installment plans which can over time add up and cost you a lot more money then you would pay in the short-term. By owning your own franking machine you can also afford to be a lot more liberal in the way that you use it and will not have to worry about damaging it, for if you damage a leased franking machine you will be required to pay for the maintenance fee and then the fee to fix the actual machine after it has been looked at, and of course, all of the workman’s time that you use up.

Leasing a franking machine can also have its benefits and negatives. By leasing a franking machine you will be required to adhere, as aforementioned, to a strict repayment plan which you cannot deviate from. However, by leasing a franking machine you may be able to get a form of insurance in that if the machine breaks down for any reason that is out of your control and isn’t your fault, the company who provided the machine will be able to repair it or replace it for you. However, if you damage it intentionally or it is simply by your hand then you will likely be subject to pay a big fee to the manufacturer. If you do not have the money for a big one-off payment then leasing a franking machine may be the option for you, as you will be able to still make use of the franking machine.

Boost Your Branding

Franking machines can also boost your business branding and enable you to emblazon your parcels with your brand’s own personal logo, which is a really cool touch and can look really professional and is quite a nice effect to make.

Wherever you get your franking machine from you should ensure that it is Royal Mail licensed and from an official vendor. Otherwise, you risk using a franking machine that is by all accounts illegal. Franking machine vendors can be found on the Royal Mail website so they should not be too hard to find.