In this current era of digitization, there is no substitute for a high-quality content. Content is the ultimate king. It is high time now that marketers and brands must realise this and must include engaging content creation as an integral part of their marketing strategy. They must come to terms with the fact that as one size doesn’t fit all, the content also needs to be formulated focusing on the targeted audience.

When it comes to crafting an original, consistent  and informative content it requires expertise, extensive research and experience in gauging the needs of target audience. Until few years back, for companies to outsource content creation wasn’t even an option. But not anymore.

If you are looking to outsource your content creation to a team of expert writers who can craft high-quality, interesting and engaging content then you need not look beyond Content Fuel.

Content Fuel is a on-demand platform providing outstanding content writing service and enables you to automate your content creation at a flat monthly price. By following a customer driven content creation approach, writers at Content Fuel ensures to fulfil the demands and requirements of the requestor. Be it a blog, article or infographic, writers are highly skilled to deliver wide range of content.

Some of the key features offered by Content Fuel includes below:

  1. Unlimited Content: Unlimited service offerings are often questionable because of the terms and conditions attached to them. But, with Content Fuel you get to request as much content as you want based on the membership you have opted for. Until your subscription stays valid, you can add content request in the queue which will be picked up one at a time by the writer.
  2. Content is SEO friendly: Writers at Content Fuel are trained to follow the best SEO practices which ensures better content ranking on search engines and high content reachability. Optimal utilization of  relevant keywords makes to content easy to locate on the web and traverse through.
  3. Content quality is top notch: Content Fuel never compromise on the quality of the end product which they deliver. By leveraging the services of incredibly efficient writers, Content Fuel is able to come up and deliver the content that meets the requirement and satisfies the customer. Audience is kept at the forefront while content is crafted which makes it easily relatable to the readers. Whether you run a small business or you are a marketer, Content Fuel can offer variety of content. Writers may communicate to and fro with the requestor, ask multiple questions, all aimed to achieve crystal clear understanding of what exactly is required.
  4. Proficient staff: Content Fuel has a large pool of exceptionally talented writers who are trained to produce content relating to different streams and genres. Content Fuel hires highly skilled, experienced  writer who are experts in delivering well crafted, informative and engaging content.
  5. Fast paced content delivery : Staff at Content Fuel are firm believer of deadline and they are specially trained to meet the committed upon timelines. Writers make sure that while meeting a quick turnaround, the quality of the content is never hampered and remains intact. Within 48-72 hrs writer are able to deliver the initial draft which is extremely promising.
  6. Pricing Model: The decision to opt for any service largely depends on the price charged for it. Content Fuel works on copywriting subscription model under which they demand a flat monthly or yearly rate. You can opt for the membership based on your requirement and can cancel it whenever you need to terminate. There are three plans on offers which are laid out as monthly and yearly. The services available depends on type of membership you register for. All plans offer a dedicated writer and account manager.
  7. Starter Pack ($389/month): offers 6-8 blogs per month or upto 4000 words. 48-72 hrs turnaround.
  8. Professional Pack ($698/month): offers 15-20 blogs per month or 10,000 words.
  9. Agency Pack ($1299/month): offers 30-40 blogs or 20,000 words.

              If you are a small business or start up, the basic starter pack should be good enough to meet your requirements. And the based on the needs, you can always elevate the membership plan.

  • Draft Revision: If you don’t like the draft that’s been delivered, you can comment the changes on it and the writer will work on the revision. You can have the content revised unless you are absolutely satisfied with it. Turnaround for revision is equally fast paced and often taken care within 24 hrs.
  • Provides an opportunity to make a career: Content Fuel not only offers on-demand content creation service but also provides opportunity to pursue career in content writing. Being a rapidly growing start up, they are on a constant look out for talented writers. They usually hire a content writer after a series of assessment to ensure that the candidate possesses the required knowledge and skill set. So, if you have experience in crafting quality content, knowledge of SEO practices and well aware of content marketing strategies you can certainly apply for the relevant opening. Applying for a job opening is absolutely free and the shortlisted candidates are reached out