There are many reasons why PDFBear is the best way to change your Word documents to PDF files. PDFBear is an amazing and reliable PDF converter that enables people to alter or change their file format. As the modern world pushes further into being paperless, the increase in tools like PDFBear is on demand. 

In the first place, why would you want to change your Word document to a PDF, you ask? There are a lot of benefits and advantages of turning your Word docs to PDFs. One would be the inability to easily alter or tamper with your PDF files’ content, which is why you can use PDF files in court. But first, what is PDFBear?


The easiest way for you to convert Word to PDF free of charge is through PDFBear. It is not only a converter, PDFBear also has other tools and functionalities such as merging, splitting, compressing, splitting, repairing, and many more. It offers so many file formats like JPG/PNG, Excel, PPT, and HTML.

So, if you ever need a dependable and easy way to change your files, the only website you should go to is One amazing thing about PDFBear is that it does not require you to install or download any software or app on your mobile device. With this in mind, you already have reduced your device’s chances of getting any malware infection that usually comes with software or app installation.

All you need is a steady connection on the internet, a working browser, and sufficient storage space for all your newly converted files. Without a doubt, PDFBear is one of the simplest and easiest ways of converting your Word docs to PDF.

Word to PDF in 2 Minutes

When you choose PDFBear to change your Word documents to PDF files, you only need to do four steps with a maximum time of a few minutes. Convenient, isn’t it? The first thing is going to PDFBear’s website, which we have already mentioned above, and tap on Word to PDF converter. PDFBear will then redirect you to a new link where you can upload your Word document. You can do this by pressing the Select Files button.

Second, PDFBear’s converter will scan your document. Third, it mainly involves you in just waiting for the conversion to finish. Just as we said, it only takes a few minutes to successfully convert your files. So, you have to be patient for a short amount of time. 

The third thing you have to do is download your freshly converted file on your device. You can do this by clicking on the downloadable link PDFBear gave you. It is worth noting that every link you receive is only available for a short period.

Privacy is Important!

PDFBear prides itself on its security measures. It has installed the latest 256-BIT SSL Encryption Technology to ensure that your files and documents that you will upload are only accessible and exclusive to you. You don’t have to worry whether someone might get any sensitive information stored in your files or your files stolen by a hacker or any cybercriminal.

You can rest assured that your files won’t fall into the hands of some hackers because your files will be permanently deleted after an hour of upload. If you need to read more on PDFBear’s security measures, you can read it in their Privacy Policy located below the page.

Word to PDF on All Platforms

If you possess a DOCX or a DOC document and want to convert it into PDF, and you are unsure whether the device you are using is compatible with PDFBear, you will surely appreciate PDFBear’s converter tools. You can use all of PDFBear’s tools and functionalities on all types of operating systems. PDFBear doesn’t care whether you are utilizing a Linux machine, Windows, or a Mac computer. 

Additionally, PDFBear is fully optimized so that it is usable on all types of devices as well. You still have permission to use PDFBear’s free features all you want without experiencing compatibility issues or problems. 

PDFBear Pro

You already know that PDFBear is a free converter tool, but it also offers a paid subscription called the PDFBear Pro, which costs $99.99 for a year or $9.99 each month. Using PDFBear Pro, you are entitled to unlimited tasks and convert or edit numerous files of up to 2 GB. 

You also get to enjoy PDFBear’s “Optical Character Recognition” tasks, enabling you to scan documents or convert images into searchable and editable data. For example, if you want to search for a certain quote from a book, you can use your phone’s camera and use PDFBear’s OCR feature to search for the quote.

Easy Word to PDF Tool

PDFBear already has set the best possible settings whenever you convert any DOC file to PDF files. This means you don’t have to tinker with any options or to set anymore. You just have to let PDFBear do its magic on your files and patiently wait for it to finish.


After reading this, we are pretty sure that you are already convinced of how easy and convenient converting your Word documents is with PDFBear, right? So, what are you even waiting for? You should immediately try PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter right now!