One of the cornerstones of onboarding new employees is their initial training. New hires need a better understanding of their job roles. Thus, a comprehensive learning program is required to meet the training needs of a given organization. 

A capable learning program aims to equip employees with new skills. It also seeks to raise their comfort level in a new environment. When new employees understand an organization’s processes better, they can be more productive. Better productivity is directly linked to better returns. 

A capable LMS(learning management system) takes into account all these requirements. The market is rife with several LMS that one can choose from based on relevant goals. Here, we will list the top five employee onboarding LMS that can do a satisfactory job. These are: 

  1. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is recognized by leading industry analysts for its eLearning capabilities. It helps employers recognize the skills gaps and accordingly auto-assigns learning plans to bridge them. 

It contains reusable modules that help create structured learning paths. It has automated learning activities that enable branched learning among new hires. It also provides on-demand personalization options. Users can change the format and the language of their course at any given time. 

It works as a social media platform where learners can even share their expertise for the benefit of their peers. It offers premium and lag-free adaptive video streaming to make the learning experience more immersive.

  1. Cornerstone Learning

Cornerstone is a well-known name in the corporate setup. It makes the onboarding and training process easy for training managers and HRs. It provides a platform where thought leaders can plan and execute their learning ideas without any hassle. 

It takes collaboration very seriously and helps build a connected community of new hires. It allows recruits to feel at home in the organization. It eases the compliance process through the automation of laborious repetitive tasks. 

Curating content for training modules is super easy with Cornerstone Learning. It can sort out the most relevant content from the web, users, and pre-existing documents.

  1. Fuse

Fuse focuses on future tech and works on a powerful Intelligence Engine. It enables new hires to select the most relevant information from the existing knowledge of subject experts.

It seeks to understand the learner’s intent and the current situation at any given point. It presents relevant content based on this understanding. Thus, it makes the job easy for the learner and increases their comfort level with the learning process. 

It refuses to overload learners with information in one go. Instead, it enables learners to access required knowledge at the time of their need. Overall, it provides access to information in the flow.

  1. Brightspace

Brightspace helps an organization target the most relevant skills. It enables an organization to curate relevant content and provides an immersive learning experience. It gives the option to reward learners for making progress in their learning modules. It has plenty of practice modules to inculcate permanent learning. 

It allows training managers to access data on a learner’s progress in real-time. Its in-built analytics help to track user engagement. Thus, it enables managers to intervene on time and help learners whenever they get stuck. 

Brightspace helps deliver scalable and flexible onboarding programs. It ensures that recruits only learn the most relevant skills. 

  1. Stream LXP from Learning Pool

Learning Pool’s Stream LXP allows clients to deliver personalized learning to new hires. Its authoring tools help curate self-guided learning journeys to help learners take control. 

It serves as a single point of access for learning and performance support ecosystems. It focuses on making the learning experience an ongoing process. 

It seeks to develop a new hire’s capabilities and skills over time through a continuous stream of relevant learning material. Its deep search functionality allows managers to offer quick support to learners. 

It emphasizes social learning and fosters discussion among peers to widen the knowledge base.


You can match your goals and objectives with the options in this list and quickly add a capable onboarding LMS to your organization’s arsenal.