Online Ads are now a normal part of internet life. Online Advertising is one of the effective ways for expanding your businesses of all sizes to expand their customer base. As a new marketer, it can be difficult to get a good grasp on the scope and strategies that come with the implementation of online ads. It is more than simply posting ads on your social media pages. There are various forms of advertising for you to take advantage of, if you have the right skills. One of the best ways to get the skills needed is by taking an online advertising course. A good course will teach you all you need to know about online ads and give you a great start to your journey as an online advertiser. Also, the field is an upcoming and competitive field; undergoing a professional course on this skill will give you an upper hand when applying for digital marketing positions in various companies. There are very many courses out there and articles on online advertising but finding the right one for you can be a hustle. Keeping in mind the growing advancement in the field of Online Advertising, Know Online Advertising has taken the initiative to educate all those who aspire to build their career in this field. What is unique about these courses is that they are not focused on digital marketing but display marketing strategy. Undergoing these digital marketing courses will surely help you to come to terms with running online ad campaign on various platforms effectively and independently.

Some of the courses offered by us are listed below:

The course will provide you with a basic introduction to online advertising and its difference from the traditional advertising techniques.

Once you undergo this course, you will know how to sell, schedule, deliver, and measure their digital ad inventory using the DoubleClick for Publishers software.

Through this course, you will learn how to use DoubleClick Campaign Manager for simplifying your planning, trafficking, serving, targeting, and optimizing your online ads.

Learning about Google Analytics will help you keep tabs of your website data, which will help in planning your online advertising strategies.

The Adobe Omniture course will equip you with knowledge on using Adobe Omniture software for web analytics and online marketing strategies.

Facebook’s New Atlas Ad Server is a modern advertising platform that bases its service not on cookies, but on people. Learning about it will give you the skills to properly utilize this modern ad server.

The Facebook Advertising course will give you the skills to take advantage of Facebook’s influence and design productive online ads.

LinkedIn is a platform that heavily relies on this business model. Learning the LinkedIn Advertising course supplies you with the necessary skills to be a great Business to Business marketer.

The Twitter Advertising course will give you the know-how on the best ways to use Twitter ads to make a profit.

Know Online Advertising will educate and provide you with the right skills to improve and maximize on Online advertising opportunities. The courses offered are a great way to kick start your Online advertising career!

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  1. Hi,

    There are many who would want to thank the initiative you have taken to educate the people who aspire to be in the internet advertising business, I am one of them. I have always referred to your websites to learn more.

    However, I have a question.

    I want to know all about media planning before the IO is booked, like everything that goes into building the IO, how the ad slots are slots are sold and all the process invovled? Would you be able help me with it?


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