Those days are past when one had to use plug-ins for playing videos in the browser. Now, HTML5, the new version of HTML specifies this code through which it is possible to embed the videos quickly on the webpage to ensure smooth playback. The superior multimedia features of HTML videos eliminate the requirement of slow loading and heavy animations and Adobe Flash. The best thing about the native HTML 5 video players is that these don’t only offer fast website integration but also supports tablets, Smartphones, and some other types of devices. And this allows the users to play HTML5 embedded videos smoothly on the devices of their choices without any worry.

But one thing that one needs to consider in this regard is that HTML5 videos only support several types of video formats like MP4, OGG, and WebM. Besides, HTML only supports H.264 encoder. Therefore, if an MP4 file has any other type of codec, then it must be converted to an encoder format that is supported by HTML5. So, it is necessary to convert MP4 into HTML5 to use HTML5 videos on the website.

Importance of Liquivid in converting Video To HTML:

Liquivid eases the life of creative people by creating tools that blend ease of use, simplicity, and different types of solid features for editing videos and photos on Macs and PCs. Conversion of Video to HTML5 is one of the features where the videos are converted into HTML5 format. And during the process, the frame rate, and output quality of the videos are adjusted for optimizing the file size.

Now let’s have a look at the added features of Liquivid:

  1. It program converts the videos into animated formats of images like WebP or GIF
  2. It can adjust the details such as frame rate, resolution, and output quality to optimize the size of files
  3. This program can crop and rotate videos, even with the custom aspect ratios. Even custom ad banner formats and vertical videos present no issue.
  4. This program effectively adjusts exposure, white balance, colors, etc. when it comes to convert videos to HTML5 formats
  5. It allows adding texts to the videos like the ad copy and the company name
  6. This program creates user presets for the favorite adjustments so that the users can give all the projects and clips similar look with one click
  7. It also offers basic video cutting feature that allows choosing multiple selections from one clip and then merge all those together.