The technology has even played an important role in online advertising industry with time. Today advertising has become so exact and beneficial for both publisher and advertiser and reason is it’s advancement. So let’s know the step wise advancement that online industry made to improve it from better to best!


  • When online advertising came into existence it was just like print advertising , it was sold based on the size of the Ad plus the price were based on expected number of unique website visitor.
  • Slowly with time some more advancement came , “rotation of the Ads” in the same space of the webpage got possible. ( Publisher got good advantage of this as they can show multiple advertisers Ad )
  • Tracking of “impressions” of a particular Ad.
  • Frequency capping came into existence thereby limits on the number of impressions got possible.
  • Click Through Rate” ( CTR ) – Advertiser started to find out how many people not only saw the Ad but actually clicked.
  • With the time , the advertiser were started to put their expectations like number of impressions in a time span .
  • Standards” (procedures/format) started to build up for both advertiser and publisher.
  • Standard sizes” also came forward like 728×90 , 468×60 , 120×600 etc., which ultimately helped the advertiser a lot as they don’t have to create or design new Ads for each site as publisher now had a standard Ad space too.
  • Rate models” started to come into existence like CPM , CPC , etc.
  • CPM” was the first price model in online advertising industry.
  • CPC” was the next model which was used in combination with CPM , as CPC were costly.
  • Due to increase in the online advertising demand , it was getting difficult for both publisher and advertiser , and this lead to the emergence of online “Ad Network“.
  • Flash Ads/ Creatives was the next change.
  • Due to betterment in the internet speed, full video nice animation , games like interactive features were introduced.
  • Pop Up and pop under Ads .
  • Interstitial’s , full page advertisements came into existence.
  • Synchronized Ads.
  • Demographic targeting.
  • Behavioral Targeting.
  • Contextual targeting

Today we have the best possible features in online advertising and the advancement is still on.Online industries are playing a very great job in today’s world and is expected to be best among all the medium of advertising soon 🙂

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  1. Nice info! I am looking for advertising my product online but I don’t have a minimum knowledge of advertising, so I decided to know more about online advertising then I find your blog related to my search. This step by step advancement blog helped me a lot to have a clear idea about standard sizes, flash Ads, CTR and many more. Thank you so much for giving me valuable information.

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