The days of Marketers being dreaded by their niche’s competition are long gone. In today’s fast-paced market, having competitive competitors in a niche demonstrates that there is a Market for what a Brand has to offer, implying that there are methods in place to assist attract an audience to that niche. In order to stay in business and increase revenue in a competitive market, brands must examine what strategies work for their competitors and how they compare. Competitor Analysis of Social Media Profiles, Websites, and Ads on Social Networking Sites are examples of this.

Ads on social networking sites like Facebook have created a large volume of Leads when compared to websites alone. Marketers are aware of the revenue possibilities offered by the platform’s precise targeting options, analytics, and highly high Return on Investment (ROI) (ROI). As a result, Pay-Per-Click Advertising has grown in popularity as a way for small and large businesses to get rapid traffic to their websites. As a result, the rivalry for top-of-the-page ad placement on Google’s Search Results Page (SERP) has increased. 

With the most active users online, Facebook is the ideal platform for marketers to convert inactive consumers reading through posts into loyal customers. Due to the high degree of competition, however, success in this area is tough. As a result, many advertisers are turning to Facebook Ads Spy to get the most out of their best-performing ads as well as granular data. 

Ways to Spy using AdSpyder:-

The AdSpyder software provides you all the data you need to acquire a competitive edge. 

If you’re wondering if one of your competitors is spying on you using one of the Ad intelligence services, the answer is yes. You owe them money, and it’s past time for you to pay them back

  1. After you’ve completed the signup process on Adspyder website, go to Ad details and look for advertising. 
  2. For example: After selecting ‘India’ from the nation language selections and setting the date/time frame to ‘7 days,’ I received a lot of results when searching for cakes. This is a straightforward and quick procedure. Your requirements are completely in your control, and you can alter them whenever you want. In the case above, I looked for advertising on Facebook, but you could look on other social media as well. The platform you use is completely under your control.
  3. You can now select any advertisement from the list and track it after receiving a room full of ads. You’ll see a graph that shows the number of persons who were contacted as a result of the advertisement, as well as the date.
  4. This is how you’ll get a chart analysis. It’s well-written, well-researched, and pleasant to the eye.

Why Should You Monitor Your Competitors?

You can examine the strategies used by your competitors by doing a competitive analysis. Find out what their key strengths and shortcomings are, and utilise that information to improve the performance of your product (or a Facebook Ad, in our case).

Benefits of using AdSpyder Facebook Ad spy tool:-

Today, it’s all about data. The data you have determines your findings, insights, and discoveries.Similarly, having access to your competitor’s Facebook ad data is critical to your social media domination. Using data from the Facebook Ads Spy repository, create a foolproof digital media plan.

  • Improve your creative strategy by conceiving more impactful and creative strategies.
  • Existing Digital Media Strategies Should Be Transformed Plan for Digital Media.
  • Reviving Stagnant Advertising Campaigns.
  • Expand your company which may lead to growth of your business.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Facebook Ad Library:-

  1. To begin, switch off AdBlock before beginning your search; otherwise, you won’t be able to find your competitors in the search bar. We also recommend selecting “All” when choosing a country, as this will significantly increase the number of impressions.
  2. Start your search with the specific name if you know it (the more precise the name, the better). When the search bar isn’t working, you won’t be able to type anything in it. In that situation, it’s best to go to, discover the Fan Page, copy the name, and paste it into the search field.
  3. Enjoy your access to all the ads: Please keep in mind that you can share the ad URLs with your colleagues, but the link may become inactive after a few days if the ad campaign has been suspended or renewed. It’s best to save the ad to your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive if you want to access it later.

Tip: You can also do this with a free tool! AdSpyder. It allows you to make 50 free searches of any certain URL or keyword collections, save them, and share them with your coworkers at any time. 

AdSpyder will download the ad and keep it in your Ad collection after you register and enter the link there.

Facebook Ads Spy Tool (AdSpyder):-

AdSpyder is a free tool that allows you to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads using the Facebook ad library. You can save your competitor’s Facebook advertisements in your own sharable gallery and use them as inspiration for future campaigns with AdSpyder, even if the ads are no longer running and thus not available in the Facebook ad library. 

Let’s say you liked how a company designed a campaign, but you’re not planning on doing something similar anytime soon. With AdSpyder, you may develop your own inspiration library.

How AdSpyder help you Facebook Ad metix:-

  1. Global Ad Creatives:- The most extensive archive of advertising creatives. You’ll find it if you use our Facebook ad spy tool.
  2. Call to Actions:- View the top-converting Call to Action buttons from Facebook’s top-performing ads.
  3. Winning Ads:- With AdSpyder, you can discover your competitors’ top-performing ads as well as their ad engagements.
  4. Increase Your ROI:- With Facebook advertising spy and better ad stats, you can meet your KPI goals.
  5. Creative Strategy:- Improve the creative strategy of your digital media plan by leveraging brand positioning and creatives that are supported by message.
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization:- Use ad data analytics to determine the optimum bidding strategy and reduce your cost per convert (CPC).


AdSpyder is an excellent tool to have in your marketer’s arsenal. It’s completely free and really simple to use. You can create your own ad gallery by saving hundreds of advertising from competitors or inspirational businesses, which will help you strengthen and improve your ad campaigns. 

You might notice an advertisement in your Facebook feed or on a Facebook page. Copy the ad link and paste it into your spyder browser. You can also use Facebook’s ad library to see all of the current ads sponsored by the brand you’re spying on. 

Even if the ads are removed from Facebook, you can retrieve them at any moment if you maintain them in your spyder collection.