Business strategies have evolved over the years, and nowadays, they’re taking a more digital approach. Having a visible and strong online presence will improve brand awareness and recognition levels, opening the door to new opportunities for expansion and growth. When it comes to digital marketing, your strategies are only as good as your online platform. Focusing on web design will help you generate more leads, allowing you to convert them to paying customers over time. If you want to learn more about the link between digital marketing strategies and web design, read on to understand the importance of having a beautifully-designed website.

Great First Impression

First impressions are everything in business. Companies need to provide their audience with an attractive and impressive platform. The importance of that first impression shouldn’t be underestimated because it can directly affect the customer’s action, either encouraging them to make a sale or prompting them to leave your website. Design your website to convey professionalism by creating a clear and organized layout that customers can navigate easily.

Avoid having unappealing or outdated content that slows down your webpage, as this leaves a bad impression on customers who will probably leave your website if it takes too long to load. Focus on having a user-friendly design with a search tab, drop-down menus, and a fast server. You should also consider hiring a reliable web hosting provider that will ensure the stability and speed of your platform, preventing your customers from going to your competitor’s website. The time, effort, and money you spend on your digital marketing strategies will all be for nothing if customers are redirected to a flawed platform. Hence, look for a best partner to get your perfect platform. You can be local by the choice or global, depending on the sync and confidence you get. Partners like Fluidrank in Atlanta provide services globally.

Consistent Branding

Businesses must be consistent with their branding because a clear brand identity builds trust and credibility, strengthening the relationship between customers and companies. Many businesses have turned to the World Wide Web in 2020 on account of the coronavirus outbreak. The retail market in the UK took a heavy hit, but the companies that were able to adapt and focus on rebranding themselves digitally managed to recuperate. The key is to build a unique platform, and as the web design specialists at Something Design suggest, testing new ideas or layouts is crucial before launching a web page can help you achieve that. Even if you design it meticulously and the layout looks user-friendly and attractive, you can’t launch the website until you’ve made sure that everything works perfectly.

The testing process will help companies detect and fix any bugs, errors, or mistakes, ensuring that the customer’s experience isn’t hindered in any way. Regular testing is crucial for consistent branding because it allows business owners to ensure that their brand values are reflected in their platform. If your brand is all about openness and simplicity, then make sure the visuals and navigation options convey these qualities.

Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of any successful digital marketing strategy. A good web design will improve the effectiveness of a company’s SEO strategies. Even if you own a small company, implementing the right techniques that can boost your marketing tactics with SEO practices will help you compete with bigger corporations. The impact of digital marketing is strong enough to level the playing field between small and big companies, giving smaller businesses a chance to succeed.

Optimizing your platform for better SEO will generate more quality traffic every day, increasing your brand awareness and sales significantly. Work on your content, establish strong relationships with others for guest posting, place strong keywords, and modify your image titles and descriptions so they can be easily recognized by Google. Online platforms that are beautifully-designed generate more traffic and encourage more users to stay on your site. Whether it’s because of your content, products, or services, Google will notice that you have authority and will improve your SERP ranking accordingly.

Color Psychology and Wording

Companies shouldn’t neglect the significance of color psychology when designing their websites because it makes a huge difference in how the users respond to your call to action. Similarly, using words that reflect urgency will increase conversion rates. Consider highlighting offers, deals, discounts, and free downloads in bold to grab the users’ attention and highlight others in red to convey urgency. Warnings must be yellow to stop users from leaving or missing out on an exclusive sale. Green is good for outdoor products and environmental-friendly content. Black and gold are effective in conveying high-quality, value, or luxury.

Make sure you keep your target audience in mind because certain demographics prefer different colors. For example, if you’re a company that targets women, then steer away from orange, brown, and gray colors. Instead, focus more on blue, purple, pink, and green. On the other hand, if you’re a company that targets men, then you should focus on green, black, blue, and gray colors. Combining the right color psychology with your wording will improve your conversion rates and increase your sales. 

Simple Account Creation and Shopping Process

Simplicity is crucial for a strong marketing strategy because if users are redirected to a platform that has a difficult shopping and account creation process, they will simply leave your website. Consider having fewer checkout pages, and make sure that the shopping cart system works conveniently. The account creation feature is also important because it ensures customer engagement, and encourages them to give you consent to send them emails.

Email marketing is one of the strongest digital marketing strategies out there, and a good web design will improve your campaign’s strength. Create a simple user interface; simplicity will always encourage customers to stay longer on your platform. High conversion rates aren’t just for sales, which is why companies must focus on increasing engagement levels as well. Consider offering extra perks, discounts, or 24/7 customer support to your users. Such small and simple tactics will keep your target audience happy and inclined to purchase from you.

The right digital marketing strategies will eventually redirect your targeted audience to your website, but the chances of them becoming paying customers will be slim if you don’t put enough effort into your web design. Owning a platform that people enjoy visiting will always increase your chances of success, generating excellent sales margins in the process. Your web design and user interface will directly influence your revenues, customer satisfaction levels, SERP rankings, and conversion rates. Consider hiring a specialist that is capable of transforming your online platform to suit your digital marketing plans and business needs.