Tulsa, the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma, is known for many things. These include the aerospace industry, the emerging tech startup scene, and more. However, there is one area that is poised to play a major role in the city’s future. 

And that is manufacturing. More specifically, advanced manufacturing.

Tulsa is a city with a lot of experience in the manufacturing of complex technology. There’s a reason why it is the home of so many advanced engineering companies. The city is also home to highly skilled workers and well-established logistics networks that make it an ideal location for manufacturing companies. 

However, companies in Tulsa face stiff competition from cities like Elkhart in Indiana, and San Jose in California, which have great reputations when it comes to midsized and large manufacturing industries.

Manufacturing companies in Tulsa that want to attract more clients will need to use a number of strategies to build their reputation. Today, we are going to talk about how SEO can be used to great effect in this regard.

Why Is SEO Important?

Of course, we are talking about SEO under the assumption that you already have an established website that features sufficient information about your services. 

For those who aren’t aware, SEO is an approach that stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a process that is heavily used in digital marketing to increase the online visibility of a company, product, or service. 

It does this by elevating the website and online profile of your company in search engine results through which potential consumers will come to know you. 

SEO has proven itself as one of the more reliable techniques in the field of digital marketing and is used in virtually every niche.

SEO Raises Visibility of Core Manufacturing Qualities

One of the biggest reasons that manufacturing companies would want SEO optimization is to ensure that potential clients are aware of the type of services that they offer. 

In this industry, potential clients are keen on knowing accurate figures on your manufacturing capacity, quality, and turnaround time. 

It is these three aspects (along with your reputation and any benefits that you offer) that can convince clients to trust you with an order. 

Companies need to realize that getting clients to consider manufacturing in the U.S. is already a difficult feat, considering how affordable offshore manufacturing can be. 

If affordability is one of your main benefits, sure you want it to be highlighted. But remember that even the cheapest rates are going to be significantly higher than offshore manufacturing costs. 

For this reason, you really want to look for an experienced service provider of SEO in Tulsa that is capable of solid market research and is able to identify what clients who choose to manufacture in the U.S. are looking for. Create The Movement is one such SEO provider that works out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Denver, Colorado, region. 

They are known for their comprehensive service packages that range from pure SEO options to also branding, paid advertising, management of social media profiles, web design, and video production. 

One client that used their services mentioned how they were able to find even more results than expected. Other testimonials highlighted their professionalism and expertise in SEO and all things digital marketing.

Clients often choose to manufacture in the country when they make a conscious decision to support local industries. This often becomes a marketing point for them as well because the phrase “Made in the USA” carries a lot of weight for one section of the market.

Other areas to consider highlighting when marketing your services with SEO are the benefits that manufacturing in the U.S. has over offshore manufacturing. 

For instance, you could emphasize the greater level of quality control that is possible, the lower costs of delivery since shipping isn’t a factor anymore, the extra control during the manufacturing process, and the much faster time frame for addressing errors and sudden changes.

How SEO Can be Used in the Manufacturing Industry

SEO can be used to great effect by manufacturing companies when applied to areas like product pages. Include keyword-rich descriptions that show up when potential customers are searching for certain manufacturing-related machinery. 

SEO can also be used effectively if a manufacturing company decides to add a blog to its website. An attached blog is a common method where industry-related articles are published. These can range from informational posts to reviews of certain products. 

By SEO optimizing such articles, manufacturing companies are able to cast a wide net and capture the attention of potential clients. Similarly, they can invest in carrying out case studies and research in order to build a reputation as a knowledge leader in the field. 

When SEO tools are applied to such efforts, it has the ability to maximize the public perception of the company, thereby leading to greater sales.


It is no big secret that companies that use SEO and other digital marketing tools have an obvious edge when it comes to reach and visibility. Manufacturing is an industry that comes with a lot of risks and liabilities, so projecting an image of competence and expertise can go a long way in gaining more clients.

Ultimately, finding an SEO provider who is skilled in utilizing not just SEO but several other similar tools of digital marketing is imperative to success.