When using Instagram to market your business, your content has the potential to reach a large audience. But, to get the best results, you need to understand the Instagram algorithm and make it work in your favor.

If you’ve been looking for effective strategies to increase your Instagram engagement, this post will guide you through some simple ways to attract more users to interact with your account and content.

The Instagram Algorithm

Establishing just how well the Instagram algorithm works will help you figure out how to enhance your online visibility in the world of algorithmic feeds. The Instagram algorithm is divided into seven essential elements:

  • Instagram predicts your level of interest in a post.
  • Instagram wants to display your recent content and, as a result, make it more relevant.
  • Relationship: Instagram’s algorithm analyses your previous interactions to determine which accounts you interact with the most.
  • The number of times a user visits Instagram.
  • Content across all accounts that a user follows
  • Usage: The amount of time people spend on Instagram.

How to Use Instagram’s Algorithm to Your Advantage

Utilize the most recent features

Instagram values promoting the adoption of fresh features.  It’s crucial to note that none of this suggests that the Instagram algorithm favors any particular post type. However, it prioritizes new features, such as placing Instagram Stories at the top of the page or, more recently, relocating the Reels icon towards the middle of your menu bar.

Develop a hashtag strategy

Because hashtags can be searched for and followed by people, including them in each post boosts your likelihood of reaching a larger audience. Furthermore, research suggests that posts containing hashtags get more responses than those without.

Branded hashtags are a great way to keep your company in the spotlight. Branded hashtags also increase brand exposure and make it easier to find customer-generated content.

Concentrate on promoting authentic engagement

Instagram’s algorithm encourages interaction. Building an authentic engagement with your audience and increasing your response rates will be more beneficial than finding shortcuts.

Make a point of responding to direct comments and messages on your postings. The more you interact with your fans, the better your chances of trending. You can buy Instagram views to increase the chance of success.

Another simple technique to boost engagement is to add interactive stickers on your Instagram Stories, such as quizzes, polls, and sliding scale rankings. Not to mention user-generated material. People enjoy seeing their images and videos on brand pages.

Post at the optimal time

One of the essential algorithm ranking elements is time. However, there is no single optimal time to publish on Instagram. You must consider two factors while determining when to post:

  • When the majority of your followers are participating on the platform
  • When they are particularly receptive to your business.

Analyze your insights to see what works

As previously said, “the order of videos and photos in users’ feed depends on the likelihood you’ll be interested in them.

Digging into your Instagram insights is one of the most acceptable ways to determine what your fan base enjoys viewing and is interested in.

Using Instagram Insights, you can check which of your posts gained the most engagement. You may arrange posts according to most likes, comments, and saves if you want to go further into specific interaction metrics.

More advice on growing Instagram views

Create and share user-generated content

Creating unique user-generated content might inspire people to interact with and share it. Because the Instagram algorithm considers users’ relationships when ranking material on their feeds, building relationships with your followers via Instagram may also certainly assist your content ranking better on their meals.

In addition to organic reach, user-generated material is 50 percent more trustworthy and 35 percent more memorable than conventional media. As a result, experimenting with user-generated material is a worthwhile endeavor.

Tag Location

Another method for increasing story reach to new audiences is to use a geographical tag. It lets people from the tagged location view your stories, translating to more views from a larger audience.

When users browse for a specific location on Instagram, they can find out what similar Instagrammers post about that location. Since user-generated content is ranked higher on Instagram on various topics, your story is highly likely to be seen.

Shareable Stories

Sharing is more than just being considerate. It also implies helping to promote growth and popularity. You can increase views by urging your fans to post your stories on their profiles.

Shareable Stories are among the best strategies. The goal is for the stories to be engaging, compelling, and easily identifiable by other users. To make your tales more interesting, use Polls, Question Stickers, Countdown Stickers, and Emoji Sliders.

Including your Instagram handle within Stories is a fantastic idea because it will prove helpful if someone does not tag you while posting. As more users interact and share your stories, the story view rate will grow, and you can expect to attract some new fans.

Post Frequently

How consistent are you when it comes to posting content or stories? If you do not post content out there frequently, you reduce the likelihood of your Stories reaching your followers. The frequency with which you share Instagram stories is critical for increasing views.

The Instagram Algorithm favors profiles with consistent content strategies and many posts. As a result, to remain prominent, you must constantly post content. Frequently posting will increase the likelihood that your story will reach wider.

Make use of Instagram advertisements.

Instagram advertisements can be an excellent strategy to increase your organic reach. Using the Instagram mobile app, you can set up personal and business profile ads to target your specific audience.


These are just a few of the most incredible ideas to follow if you want more likes on your Instagram photos and to boost picture views significantly.

Don’t forget, if you’re posting great content and connecting with your followers, you don’t need to be overly concerned with Instagram updates and algorithm changes.