Today, social networks are the most powerful stream of customer traffic for most types of business, and an excellent channel for communication with potential customers. Therefore, entrepreneurs actively develop accounts on popular platforms such as Instagram. In this article, we will consider how to quickly get the initial results in the promotion and accelerate the achievement of business goals.

How to quickly increase profile involvement?

Today, audience involvement is a more valuable indicator than its scale. When there is no initial audience in the profile yet, it is very difficult and energy-consuming to achieve the primary results in the form of likes, comments, views, etc. So, it becomes common practice to delegate this task to other companies, and there are several reasons for this.

Entrepreneurs buy Instagram likes, followers, and comments to build social proof and increase the main sales trigger, trust. People are guided by the choice of the majority, so popular accounts are perceived as more trustworthy, people feel less anxiety and convert to customers faster.

Moreover, high activity signals to social network algorithms that your content is interesting and in demand, so the system increases reach and shows posts to more people.

To get quality results, it is important to order promotion services only from reliable companies that have many years of experience and a lot of feedback. They provide the opportunity to buy real Instagram likes, comments, views, etc., that appear in the profile organically and do not contradict Instagram rules.

How to increase audience activity in the long run?

Reels has become one of the most popular and effective content formats. An important advantage of Reels is its reach and recommendation feed. This is a good and unique opportunity to attract new audiences, to increase reach and involvement. For many years, to promote on Instagram, you need to use paid methods. Reels allows you to get a target audience for free by going out in recommendations to people who are not subscribed to you.

In addition to its own coverage, Reels can be added to both the feed and the Stories. As a result, this multiplies your reach several times over.

Reels is a tool for storytelling. The task of the first video is to make a person watch the second one, and so on. Keep in mind that, just like in TikTok, the user is always ready to swipe the video and move on. So, it is important in the first second, or two at most, to attract attention. There are many ways to achieve this: with intrigue, an unexpected fact, a surprising fact, a particular challenge or pain of your subscriber, etc. Short videos serve as an effective tool for warm-ups, and they should always be emotional.

To sum up, the purchase of involvement metrics is an effective marketing move to create a quick impetus for promotion and start the process of organic account scaling. It is important to remember that this is only one element of the promotion strategy and a comprehensive approach is important for long-lasting results.