With the help of GPS, now people can easily track anything that has the facility of GPS, be it in a case of an emergency like if their phone is lost and they need to find it. There are a lot of reasons as to why people track iPhones, and many of them are mentioned and explained in this article so that the reader may get an idea. That is to know why people all around the world think that it is a good idea to have their iPhone or the iPhone of their loved ones tracked at some point.

To track your friend

There is an application in iPhone by the name of finding my friend, and with the help of GPS and an iPhone, you can easily find where your friend is at that very moment. And by showing you on a map, where you and your friend are so that you can find each other of you are at a social gathering or some other crowded place for that matter. That also makes sure that the social circle of the people expands more and more with the help of this application.

Child safety

Parents nowadays cannot know where their children are at all times and so they put on this tracker so that they can track the iPhone that their child has, and with the iPhone being in child’s possession, the parent would know where the kid is at that moment. There have been cases where the children get kidnapped, or they get lost in the crowd, to make sure that one can find them easily, having their phones tracked is the smartest thing that their parents can do for them.

Keep an eye on your kids

The tracking of phones is also beneficial when you want to keep an eye on your children. For example, in a situation where you fear that your child is dishonest with you about his activities and that you think he is not spending time where he claims that he is. That would make you worried as to if your child is getting involved in something illegal or if he is getting bullied. The solution to this problem is that the tracking application on the iPhone can make sure that the parents know where he is all the time with the help of GPS and cellular network too.

Managers use the trackers to manage their business

There are trackers on the iPhone of the employees so that, the owner can be aware of where his employee is spending his time while he is on the job

If we talk about the rider that delivers food to the customers, while they have the food delivered, if the rider goes to a high speed, he can be warned right there to lower the speed. That is how the manager takes care of his employees and makes sure where the employee is while he is at the job, and the office hours have not completed yet.


While you are some other country and you do not know the language and the directions in the city, with the tracker and GPS you can tell others where you are and where you want to go. In this way, you can get help even without having to communicate with other people for that matter.

Another emergency can be that your iPhone gets lost and with the tracking application on the device, you can still track it with the help of GPS and get your iPhone back in a short amount of time.