Native Advertising was first proposed by Fred Wilson saying it is not a form of advertising but a marketing concept. In short, native ad is “a special kind of media forms designed to allow advertising to become part of the content.” It is an ad on a website or platform while maintaining the format and editorial style of the rest of the information on the site, to conclude on definition it is not the traditional display advertising formats, but integrated online ads on pages using the contents as an advertising medium.


Native advertising can be a video, pictures, articles, music, or other forms of media. The “content marketing “is also a native of another form of advertising, Often you see at the end of the article saying ” Other articles you might be interested in, “in which some of which may be the companies paid by. Native advertising does not refer specifically a particular form of advertising, but an advertising concept. According to their media properties, flexibility finds a balance between media features, user experience and advertiser effectiveness and is a win-win situation for all.

Latest trend but old concept!

It’s the latest trend in advertising and is being quite liked my many advertisers and consumers too, the concept is quite simple by providing content of interest to users of a medium or information platform, so that the content is consistent with content and user experience of that environment or platform. In simple words, providing branding content around the website relevant content which is likely to be read by users as of same interest and thereby giving more exposure thus indirectly advertising the product or brand. But to the actual fact, the native advertising is not something completely new. The concept of sponsored content has been managed for decades in TV, magazines, newspapers and radio; but now it’s famous online and catching the interest of advertisers.

This is working great as it doesn’t look like some external ad on the website which many users on the site ignore having a feel of external or looking it at as a promotional stuff, but with native ads the feel is different as it’s not an ad but recommended content giving more insight about the relevant product.

An important aspect of Native advertising is that to be effective it must be consistent with the format and user experience. For example, if you hire native advertising on a site whose contents consist purely computer graphics, then you had better the content you provide is also info graphic. Having said that the content and format should be similar to expect from editorial content, it is important that the native advertising should be clearly identified as such (typically by a legend of “Featured Content”). On one hand, this has to do with caring ethics and credibility of the media in question, but the other side can even help increase advertising effectiveness. Yes, the native advertising (when properly executed) causes the following effect: When a user goes to a website that likes / respects and sees that a brand is providing valuable and interesting to the site content, and supporting it financially so that I can survive, this creates a positive perception in the user toward that mark.

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