Once you understand how remarketing campaign can help and make your campaigns more effective, it is now important that you should know how to create remarketing lists and what all list are important to have when running a remarketing campaign.

It is a clear fact, what can make our remarketing take off and give us good results is to create our lists intelligently taking into account the path our user follows on the website, so we can know better the moment he is in order to offer him the ideal message in our campaign.

Let’s see the most recommended remarketing lists that we should implement:

The below five are the most common and should have lists for any remarketing campaign, the list also changes depending on the campaign KPI or objective.

  1. Visits to the main page
  2. Visits to a category
  3. Page of product or service offer
  4. Shopping cart abandoned
  5. Converted customers

The above lists can be automatically created when using dynamic remarketing, if not, we need to create the list manually in the case of standard remarketing.

  1. Visits to the main page:
    With the creation of this list, we will focus on all the users who access our website from the main page and who have not visited any other page. Taking into account this our display ads should follow the informative line of the home page and perhaps invite you to continue discovering products or services on our website.
  2. Visits to the category:
    This list is very useful especially when we have an online store because it allows us to reconnect with a user when he has been looking at a category of specific products or services and it is clear to us how we should create the message for our display campaign. The idea is to remind you of the category you have been looking at, in case you are still interested. For example, if you have entered an online sports store and have been looking at the category of running shoes, we will create a banner display campaign with the best offers or best sellers in running shoes.
  3. Visits to a product or service offer page, basically an offer page:
    Here we refer to the users who have accessed a specific product or service landing page, which has some special offer going on. It is simple to implement and it gives us the possibility of making some banners more focused than those of a category. This is always recommended in the case of a different sub offer page as it becomes easy to retarget the users who were interested in the offer provided by the brand.
  4. Abandoned shopping cart:
    This is a remarketing list very used for obvious reasons, it is to remind a user that has abandoned the shopping cart of a product on our website and perhaps it would be a good idea to offer an interesting discount to return to finish your purchase. To create it we will make a personalized combination of lists, choosing all those who have visited the purchase page or shopping cart and excluding those who arrived at the confirmation page.
  5. Converted customers:
    This is perhaps the least taken into account, many might think, why I will create a remarketing list of customers who have already bought me? There are two very powerful reasons, one that is already customers, they know us and they like our products, so it will be very easy to offer them new products or services with special discounts. The other reason is so that we can use this list to exclude it from the others, in this way real customers will not have to see the campaigns that they see those that have not yet purchased.