The global tech market is growing, and because of that, so is the number of tech startups. The competition is also growing in this market, especially when it comes to topping Google’s search rankings. However, with the right SEO strategies in place, it need not be that difficult.

Here’s a list of things you must know about search engine optimization (SEO) for tech startups. 

#1 Optimize for a Specific Niche

When you say ‘tech’, it refers to a vast market. Doing SEO for this entire field is extremely difficult. That’s because you have to compete for rankings that use similar keywords. Therefore, your best option is to be specific and optimize your website or web page according to niches.

For instance, you’re a tech startup that focuses on software development for banks. In that case, your optimization must be done with keywords and content that focus specifically on this particular area. Or, if you’re a tech startup that focuses on cybersecurity solutions for the military, the keywords and content must be relevant to that area. 

In cases where you cover a lot of grounds in the tech sector, like software, web development, gadgets, etc., you have to optimize for each niche that you’re working with. On-page SEO is very important in this case. Your SEO strategies and content marketing need to be extensively done in such a situation where no niche is left out. 

#2 Don’t Let Artificial Intelligence Do Your Content Marketing

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is all the rage right now. This AI can even write you programs that run just the way you’d want them to. In the coming months, there will be hundreds of other AI-driven technologies that will allow you to write and produce almost anything you want, even content and blog posts for your website.

However, letting AI handle your content or digital marketing aspects will be a foolish thing to do. That’s because AI is still not capable of producing content with a humane touch. As a result, you’ll fail to appeal to your target audience. 

Besides, Google is already cracking down on AI-generated blog posts and content. In this situation, your startup’s website might not even get ranked on Google, meaning you could fail to gain organic traffic.

Instead of AI, local businesses and startups like yours should work with local digital marketing agencies that provide all sorts of SEO services. This would mean that you can have real people write and produce your content for your tech company or brand. Local SEO companies are also good with local SEO, which is vital for appealing to your local target audience.

For instance, Tulsa is on its way to becoming one of the major tech hubs in the U.S. Tech companies in the region are, therefore, first and foremost trying to appeal to the local crowd before attempting to go national or even global. 

If you are based in the same region, you should first work with an agency that offers services in search engine optimization in Tulsa so that you can build a local client base first. The same agency can then also help you gain national and global momentum by making sure you’re always topping the Google search rankings. 

#3 Utilize LinkedIn, Especially If You’re a B2B Business

When talking about social media marketing, most people will only talk about Facebook and Instagram. Nowadays, TikTok too has found itself on that list. However, many are missing out on the opportunity to market their brands on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is great for promoting your business. As you do so, you’re also establishing your presence on a big social media platform which can benefit your SEO rankings. Your LinkedIn posts, especially the articles you write there, will pull in a lot of organic traffic if you do it right.

Besides, if you’re a B2B business, you can also attract new clients. LinkedIn hosts a lot of businesses and business leaders from different industries across the world. As you promote your tech products or services there, you’re getting to directly appeal to this potential clientele. Thus, by making the most of this opportunity, you can even sell your products or services to them.

#4 Set Up Your Google Business Profile

By setting up a Google Business profile, you’ll have the chance to land yourself a Google Business page that will highlight your business, its products and services, where you operate, and how people can contact you. 

This is highly beneficial for your SEO rankings, as people who directly search for your business will always see you at the top of their search results. 

As you build your tech startup and allow it to grow, you’ll find out more ways to optimize its online presence. For now, though, following the suggestions above will do.