S.No. Lead Generation Lead Nurturing
1. It is a process of attracting potential customers, capturing the attention of those who are likely to interact with the brand.  It is a process of building a strong relationship with new leads and turning them into paying customers.
2. A lead is someone who seems interested in the brand’s products and services. Simply put, lead generation focuses on finding those prospects. Interested leads once identified must be nurtured by gaining their trust and guiding them through the sales cycle.
3. Lead Generation involves producing relevant content and sharing it in on blogs, emails, social media platforms and websites. Nurturing involves targeting qualified leads with personalized content which must provide a solution to their pain areas.
4. Generating a lead requires optimized content, a website with a clear call to action which must entice and excite the prospects to know more about it.  Brands must not force the prospects to buy the products, rather brands must understand what exactly the users are looking for and explaining to them how the product can solve their problems.
5. Inbound and Outbound Marketing are the most common ways of generating a lead. Use of social platforms in connecting with a larger audience. Lead nurturing involves a lot more effort as compared to generating lead. More than 70% leads never turn into customers.