AD SERVER                      AD NETWORK
1. The equipment that brings up the ad to potential customers is called an Ad server Ad network is a company that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements
2. In simple words, Ad server is a tool used by ad agencies and/or clients to facilitate ad trafficking and to provide reporting on ad performance Ad networks are a single buying opportunity for media buyers and an opportunity to access advertising market for small publishers
3. Ad server is a part of an ad network Every ad network has their own ad server
4. There are two main types of ad server – Local ad server and remote ad server There are mainly three different types of ad networks – vertical , horizontal , and targeted networks
5. The ad servers provide data like impression served, number of clicks, CTR , leads, etc. The ad network provides data to client retrieved from an ad server (every campaign has its own data)
6. The use of best ad server provides consistent and maximized feature like action tracking (post-click activities) such as sales, leads, downloads, engagements , video tracking , etc. The use of a best ad network allows an advertiser to assure that their ads are placed on the best possible website to target their ads towards their target market

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  1. Let me thank you kindheartedly before I introduce myself.

    Myself AbhiRam from Hyderabad, working in the ADOPS filed for the past 2.5 years.

    I’ve gone through your site and got some important stuff regarding ADOPS. Thanks for sharing knowledge with us.

    Could you please help me with the below:
    -DSP, SSP, diff btw those
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Avinash,

    I’ve gone through your site and got some important stuff regarding ADOPS. Thanks for sharing knowledge with us.
    And also its really essential for us and while seeing over all site, really we can learn many information about AD-ops.

    Really Many thanks to you Avinash and keep updating many information like this.

    Thank You!
    Rajesh G

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the differences liste above, could you provide an example for both Adnetwork and Adserver

  4. Hi Avinash,

    Do you have any idea on how can someone subscribe to updates of different Adservers , Browsers and OS

  5. Hi

    Thanks for the interesting post. Could you tell me which ad server networks use? Do they use a special ad serving solution for networks or is it possible to use an ordinary ad server just as googles DCM? In case you can build an network with dcm.. how does this work?

    A feedback would be highly appreciated.



    1. Hi,

      DCM won’t help you create an Ad Network as after you create your campaigns where would you run them. DCM is for advertisers/Agencies who shares the ad tags or trackers to the publishers to validate the delivery of campaigns.

  6. Hi

    Thanks for this post. I have question: what ad sever do networks normally use? Do they use a special ad server for networks or just an ordinary o, e.g. googles dcm? If an ordinary one is enough to build an ad network: how do you set up an ad network with such an ad server?

    Thanks a lot!!


    1. Hey,

      Generally, Ad networks have their own inbuilt ad servers but the ones with smaller budget use the third party to serve their campaigns. It’s just that you can’t customize the server and have to run with the facilities that the server provides. If you are looking to start and ad network, you need to think of inventory, if you multiple publishers linked with you then any day you can start your own ad network.

  7. Hi. I have a website and I need to get traffic to it. So what is the best option. What if i purchase a adsever plan from my web hosting agent. It said 3million impression for 29$/ month (M3 server). So if i purchase this plan, will i get 3 million traffic to my wesite for just 29$??

  8. Hey,
    I stumbled out here while I was searching for a basic knowledge in ad networks. Here I got great ideas regarding the differences between ad-server and ad-network. Thanks for the simple form of understandable points. Very useful article. Thanks a lot.

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