The crystal clear definition of online advertising is :

The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business through electronic media.

Looking at the word “Advertising” for 10 minutes I was trying to come out with some definition, better say the full form of advertising in the context of online and ultimately I came out with a full form which defines its meaning.

“A Digital form of product Via Electronically Routed Through Internet via Secured channel Nationally or Globally as required.”

There is a number of ways you can define online advertising. It seems to look so easy but deeper you go harder you feel but one part always remains it is INTERESTING !! Advertising is always a creative, innovative, aspiring & an attractive field…

Online advertising is an advertising method through which webmasters can make their sites economically profitable and cover the costs of hosting and domain names. It is also a way to ensure the promotion of products and services that your website offers. Online advertising is directed, of course, Internet users that are ideal for this type of advertising campaign audience.

Generally, online advertising is developed in the context of an advertising campaign by placing banner ads or sponsored graphics as text links.

There are specialized companies known as ” advertising firms or Ad networks” that usually are recommended to manage channel marketing campaigns. These companies are the intermediaries between advertisers (who want to launch an advertising campaign ) and publishers ( who are the owners of the websites accessing aside part of your ad space for the placement of advertising banners). The advertising firm receives a percentage of revenues from advertising campaigns or “costs of the firm.” Usually, the costs of the firm represent between 30 and 60 percent of revenue.

We have shared a video below presented by IAB which explains the evolution of Online Advertising.

It’s the study by ARF, IAB, Doubleclick, etc. that online advertising helps in building the brand very easily and also it’s quite effective in user’s life after going through the Online Ads.

ADVANTAGE of Online Advertising are :

  1. The first and the foremost is BRAND AWARENESS
  3. CLICK THROUGH RATE – the number of people shows interest to your brand.
  4. It also helps in changing user thoughts about any brand i.e BRAND PERCEPTION, e.g. Any user taking Levis as a low brand or less styling trend brand may change his perception after knowing the brand well and his Ads with different designer clothes.
  5. Increase in CONVERSION RATE.
  6. High degree of affinity with commercial targets difficult to achieve through other means, reaching very specific niches
  7. High capacity of segmentation: demographic, thematic and technological
  8. The possibility of interaction and direct contact with the customer / end-user
  9. Customer loyalty through programs, incentives, offers, and promotions
  10. limitless creative possibilities
  11. Plug-in conventional media campaigns
  12. Constant innovation actions and format flexibility with low production costs without distribution costs
  13. Capacity prescription and viral
  14. Speed of implementation

After we have come to know the advantages of online Advertising we should also know that the advantage percentage depends on the Ad are shown i.e. how much Effective they are…Running a campaign doesn’t assure will bring profit only but running a campaign with analyzing and optimizing all the important metrics required for advertising do brings the profit for sure. It is well said that you get nothing for free plus easily so even here we require some potential to be used.

We will here now discuss the main important “metrics” for an effective Ad :

  1. Ad Size: The larger the size the better is the outcome. If you compare the branding metrics of size 468×60 (pixel) Ad with size 360×300 (pixel) Ad, the latter will bring up a good response. The best size which brings better brand awareness is larger rectangular.
  2. Technology: The effectiveness of an Ad is also dependent on the technology used. It is not like if we use the most advanced technology we will get the best response. The maximum successful technology used till date is FLASH and then after D HTML. The flash Ads are the maximum used ones as they are small by size plus have all the feature including all kind of animations(rich graphics). It is the most potential for enhancing online advertising effectiveness.
  3. Ad positioning: The Ad size plus the technology used are important metrics for effective online advertising but if they are not placed at the proper place it won’t help up great. The positioning of the Ad on a web page is very important and leads to an increase in brand effectiveness. Interstitial Ads are found to be most effective whereas pop up Ads are less effective whereas same size Ad if placed on the web page will bring up more response.
  4. Creativity: The Ad content is also an important factor for effective Online advertising. The content should be rich, effective and attractive but it doesn’t mean it should be fill of contents. It should be attractive with less content as uncluttered Ads are more effective than Cluttered Ads.
  5. Ad Exposure: Ad exposure is the number of time a user will see the Ad. More is the exposure better is brand awareness.T he exposure limit should be set as per the campaign budget. It shouldn’t be any number as it will lead to unnecessary impression with no return.

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