There can’t be many things that separate a hardworking employee from a practical and efficient one. Still, that notion is becoming more controversial and up for debate with each year, our society upgrades technology. PDF or portable document format can be used to transfer files to and from computers as well as a unique way of storing important data.

Suppose you have been keeping up to date with the latest software technology trends aimed at helping working professionals and amateurs that make use of the digital world for productivity. In that case, chances are, you’ve heard of PDFBear. The company is a new and upcoming contender for the best PDF tool out on the market today, and here are a few good reasons why.

The Company

PDFBear is one of the few hidden gems of a company staying hidden from the spotlight until they have perfected their craft. Anyone will argue that PDF conversion tools are sometimes a hit or a miss, but with recent positive reviews, PDFBear is soaring higher than before towards a favorable new light.

Conversion of different formats to and from PDFs has never been more straightforward since PDFBear encompasses almost every need you want from a software meant for PDF management. PDFBear houses specific conversion tools for the most basic Word convert to PDF options, JPG to PDF, and even HTML to PDF.

There is little to be known about PDFBear as of the moment, but from what users have reported so far, services have been top-notch and of the highest quality you would expect from a web tool. It’s no secret that PDF conversion tools have been around for quite some time, but to have software that’s as brilliant as PDFBear is an opportunity that we’re lucky to have received.

Basic Features

If you’re new to PDF conversion and not as tech-savvy as other people, then PDFBear has got you covered with their friendly and easy to use interface on their website. You type in their URL address; no matter where you are in the world, it will load up without any suspicious ads and pop-ups, unlike other sites that offer the same services.

Once you’ve got a hold of their website and have achieved a sense of familiarity with the interface, uploading a file should come naturally as there are instructions plastered all over the main screen for people to read and understand. If you look at how PDFBear has eliminated any learning curves for new users, you’ll know why it is a tier above the rest in terms of usability.

You can find most of the conversion formats you need to make work more efficient and productive. The PDF Converter tab drops down to show you a list of possible formats to work with; Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF, HTML to PDF, and vice versa except for HTML. These are some of the most well-thought additions to a PDF conversion software that we’ve seen in a web tool.

Advanced Features

It is critical that the basic features are correctly coded and optimized to give the best user experience, as they are the tools that will be used the most. However, there are situations where users come back and look for more control over their PDFs as they don’t want to scramble around other websites looking for assistance.

PDFBear boasts conversion features not only for the average user but for the advanced users as well, offering ways to organize and optimize PDFs. The website even provides users an option to encrypt and decrypt PDF files for free. You can’t find another conversion tool that offers this much versatility when it comes to managing PDFS.

PDF organization can be done efficiently in one to three ways; PDF Merge, PDF Split, and you can delete pages from your PDF with no problem. Optimization is hassle-free, with repair and compression of PDFs being made available on the same tab.

PDF Editor and Security

Sometimes, there is a need to view and edit existing PDFs. It can be some of our work or even the PDFs of others, and PDFBear continues to shine and impress users with its complete PDF conversion tool. The PDF editor has all the features you need to make sure that your PDFs are of the highest quality.

You can seamlessly view your PDFs in the PDF reader, share your documents, number pages, add watermarks for exclusivity, rotate, and even eSign PDFs. These are excellent features to have, especially when you note that these are given to users free without any hidden paywalls.

Security is never better with PDFBear’s encryption and decryption feature. If you’re someone who values privacy more than anything, you can rest assured that your PDFs will be safe for online transit whenever you use their PDF security features that operate at the highest speeds.


You can’t find a PDF conversion tool that is as versatile as it is complete like PDFBear. They have effortlessly given users a miracle of an online software tool that will help professionals and amateurs for many years to come. We can only hope for more upgrades and improvements to their services in the future.

Signing up for the premium account will give you additional features and control over your PDFs and help the company elevate the quality of their software so that growth and development will continue to happen. If you’re struggling with some PDF-related work that you’ve got stockpiled in a file folder somewhere, then maybe it is time to organize them with PDFBear today!