S.No. Retargeting PreTargeting
1 The retargeting is an online advertising model that focuses on impact people who showed interest in e-commerce, product or service. And it reminds them while browsing other digital spaces, that the offer is still available to them. Pretargeting is a method capable of identifying the pages that users have visited or maybe will go to visit according to their interests. All this even before having reached the advertiser’s website. That is why it is also called predictive behavior marketing.
2 Retargeting is based on impacting users who have already come in contact with the brand through one of its channels Pretargeting, also known as predictive behavior marketing, the user has not yet entered into any of the brand’s digital channels
3 At the technical level, for a retargeting campaign to work properly, it is necessary to place a code that allows cookies to be tracked on the website that launches the retargeting campaign. There is no such code or pixel is required to be placed at the landing page
4 Through retargeting, companies can track that potential customer while surfing the Internet while reminding him, with varied advertisements, that the offer, product or service for which he had been interested, is waiting for him where he visited Through pretargeting companies offer to advertise about different products or services that have many possibilities to be interesting for the user who will see them according to their history
5 With pretargeting, the focus is on sending ads to potential customers based on their profiles and behaviors while the retargeting ad is sent to a user who already has a clear interest in your products Pretargeting is a modality that identifies the different products or services that the user may be interested in at a very early stage of the purchase process
6 In retargeting, you get more visibility because you remind users of your interest in your products Pretargeting pushes and guides the user towards products that may interest him even if he does not know it yet or he has not manifested it.