S.No.Ad ServingAd Tracking
1In this, the creative is hosted in an Ad server and Ad tags are shared with the PublisherIn this, creative are hosted at the publisher end, only impressions and click tracker are shared by the advertiser/agency with the publisher.
2It provides us all the details like impressions, clicks, verification and attribution data.It doesn’t provide verification and attribution data since creative are hosted at publisher end
3We can exceed the weight limit of  creative since creative are hosted at our serverIn this we have to develop the creative as per publisher ad specs
4The bigger advantage of ad serving over ad tracking is that it gives us control and check if our ad is appearing at the right placeThe control is completely with the publisher and for any change, the dependence is on publisher who is hosting the creative
5Post impressions or post clicks activity is very important for advertisers today and is feasible when the ads are served at advertiser endTracking does not help in detailed post impressions or post click activity data
6Ad tags are little difficult to be manipulated, if done by the vendors it can be easily caughtAd trackers can be easily manipulated and can be misused
7Reporting is seamlessMaximum of the time you are dependent on publisher to get the final reports
8Creative optimization is easy to manage as the creative control is the one who is serving itCreative optimization is managed by the publisher as they are the one who is serving the creatives