With around one billion monthly active Instagram users, this social media platform is the second busiest network after Facebook. Among those using it are influencers, digital marketers, and business and site owners who want to market their goods or brand on this popular platform. Appealing to your target audience on Instagram is usually tough to work and takes a large amount of time and persistence when carried out manually.

That’s when Instagram bots come in useful. Instagram bots are a type of artificial intelligence tool which does the same things that real people do but finds it hard to operate it all manually, making it convenient to use a bot to manage your Instagram marketing work. It can easily help you automate your content posting, work on customer support, engage with your audience, and much more.

Bots are an Instagram automation tool which can help you boost the number of your followers and engagement rate. These bots are designed to do your Instagram activities such as comment, like, follow/unfollow, or view story. You can sit back and leave the bots to do the job as you watch your account grow. Here are some advantages that make bots worth your consideration and your money.

Time saver

Instagram bot is a paid automated tool used to increase followers at an accelerated pace. This makes it an excellent advertising tool for individuals, small, and large corporate businesses alike to advertise and market their products by gathering a large number of followers within a short period of time. As well as increasing the account’s likes and comments.

More followers

An Instagram bot will attract more followers because of its high followership. It’s only natural that when liking or following someone else, that person will usually do the same. The ability of an Instagram bot to make comments and give likes to several accounts pays off as these accounts tend to follow back. Some bots are not worth the money or are unreliable, so make sure to check this list of the best Instagram bots to really make sure that you are making the right choice. You want to know if the Instagram bot you choose is safe and reliable so you can reap the rewards and watch your Instagram account grow organically.

Target audience

Bots can come with settings and filters to weed out people and make sure it’s only engaging with users you want to target. With filters, you can target users based on gender, location, activity, follow ratio, English accounts only, who followers follow, and more specifications. Imagine having to do a dozen different things manually before you follow a user, which is what you have to do without bots. And you have to do these tasks if you want to target a specific audience or make sure the users you are targeting are indeed active, which makes bots an extremely useful tool.

More exposure:

Every business needs exposure and an increase in followers means more exposure. This is the foundation of advertising and without it, your advertising campaigns are prone to failure. Instagram bots bring about this exposure by increasing the number of followers.

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You probably don’t want to be on Instagram 24/7 and even if you do, you physically wouldn’t be able to do so. As a business owner, you have other things to attend to as well. One of the best things about bots is that you don’t need to be available for your bot to work. You can be in back-to-back meetings, or even on holiday and your bot will continue to work 100%. You can be one of the thousands of business owners who rely on Instagram bots to do the hard work for them when it comes to growing their Instagram followers and promoting their business.