The truth is that if you have a business, you have to also have a website. In the past, it was possible to manage very well without one – having one was seen as something different, unusual, and even something that wasn’t going to catch on or be at all useful. Today things are very different indeed, and a business without a website is losing out hugely. Customers have more faith and trust in a business with a website, and it enables them to know more about you. Another benefit is that customers can buy directly from you so you can literally make money in your sleep, or when you’re on vacation. It’s a great additional revenue stream (and for many businesses, it is now the only revenue stream).

Because websites are so important, it is necessary to work hard on them to ensure that they are exactly as you want them to be. With so much competition, a poorly designed, unattractive, unfriendly website is going to push customers into the arms of your competition. Here are some ways to ensure that doesn’t happen.

A Professional Look

A website that works well must look professional. It must be well designed and look good to the eye. Not everyone has the skills in place to do this themselves, and if that is the case for you, it is wise to hire a web designer to help you. Although this will cost money, it can be seen as an investment – you will make your money back much faster with a well designed, professional-looking website.

The web designer will also know just what it takes to make your website stand out in a crowded marketplace. It will have:

  • A pleasant color scheme
  • Easy navigation
  • It will reflect your personality and ethos (which is why you should have some input into the design itself)


A website that works well for your business will not only have obvious visible signs, as mentioned above, but it will have invisible assistance too. SEO (search engine optimization) from a Phoenix SEO agency will help to boost your rankings in search engines, particularly in Google, one of the most popular.

With good SEO, which is a complicated but ultimately invaluable method of being noticed (and why, again, hiring a professional to help is essential), you can rise towards the top of the first page of search results. Since this is where most people will click and potentially buy, it is a crucial step.

Contact Information

Having the correct contact information on your website is vital. You can have the most attractive website ever, but if no one can actually get in touch with you, simply because you have forgotten to add your contact details, then that website is doing nothing at all.

It’s not just about having a contact page or leaving your contact information at the top of the screen on every page. Instead, it’s about leading people to that information through your blogs and the other information on your page. Without enabling people to find your details easily, you are missing out on so much business.

Your contact details must be kept up to date as well. Although it’s easy to forget to change a phone number or email address if something needs updating, when you neglect to do it, and someone tries to get in touch, they will have a dim view of your organization if those details are wrong. If you can’t update those details, what else are you failing to do?

A Blog

We’ve mentioned a blog earlier in this article, and that’s because when you have a website, it is an easy element to forget about or even choose not to have. However, a blog can make all the difference. For one thing, part of the SEO process is that Google’s algorithms pick up on and reward constantly changing content. You don’t want to be changing the content on your website pages all the time, especially if they are just how you want them, but by adding a new blog at least once a week, you are fulfilling the criteria. This is not the only thing you need to do, though, and speaking to an SEO expert will give you much more information.

Once you have a blog, it is vital to keep it up to date – if people are coming to your site and seeing that the last time you updated the blog was many months or even years ago, they might even wonder if you are still in business.


Every business must have a website if it is going to stand any chance of becoming successful. However, that website needs to be professional with an attractive look and good SEO implementation – a website alone is simply not enough these days.