We’re in the digital age of 2019, and by now everyone knows the crucial role that digital marketing plays in the success of any business. It’s the voice you use to get out there and let the whole world know about you. But in a game where competition is as strong as it gets, how can make sure you’ll be able to compete with the top players on the battlefield?

Multiplying your success through digital marketing can sound straightforward. There’s nothing more than the uprising marketing agencies that promise you easy results, but in practical life, you’ll find that most promises are only empty words. A real digital marketing guru knows better, however. Australian marketing gurus at Firewire Digital explain when played right, digital marketing can deliver huge growth in sales, leads, and revenue. With a proper understanding of the tips and tricks of digital marketing and its tools, you can also witness the ever-growing success of your business.

Let’s get started!

Do’s of Digital Marketing
1.    Develop Your Brand Identity

In simple words, your brand identity is the personality of your business. It’s the tone you use when talking to your readers; the values, ethics, and messages you want them to remember. It starts with knowing your mission statement and the kind of services and products you offer your customers. Without it, your audience won’t have anything remarkable or unique to remember you by. Your brand is represented by the words you write, the colors you use, your logo, and the value proposition you offer through your business.

2.    Be Customer-Oriented

Your audience doesn’t want to hear about how great your products and services are. They want to know how your great products and services will make their lives easier, better, or fulfilled. Keeping your customers in mind at all times will ensure you get straight to their minds and hearts, and it’s a win-win for both of you. To know your audience, think about the target segment of your business. Categorize them into user personas, where every persona represents a group of people who’re likely to think and behave similarly. That won’t be completely accurate, but it’ll give a solid ground to start your testing.

3.    Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Digital marketing is a big field with a lot of different tools, platforms, and strategies to play. Website marketing includes content creation, SEO tools, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and even e-commerce marketing in online businesses. Social media marketing strategies differ greatly depending on the platforms you’re using; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others. A tip to start, knowing which platform is mostly used by your target audience will be the best starting point!

4.    Plan Your Marketing Framework

Making a social media plan based on the campaigns of the month has become so yesterday. Today, digital marketing experts know that the best way to deliver results is to build a marketing framework. This approach focuses more on your marketing vision, products, and services, and translates them into practical steps you can follow. It helps you connect your steps together so they’ll all connect together to deliver the growth results you seek, which will cut off any wasted efforts.

5.    Analyze and Optimize

After devising a solid framework and implementing it, your next mission is to analyze your performance. You’ve started off great, but after all, many of the strategies you’ve followed were based on calculated assumptions. After a brief period of testing, your campaigns and effort will give you a more accurate insight into your performance and customers alike, so be sure to listen to it and to optimize your plan accordingly.

Don’ts of Digital Marketing
 1.    Start Before You’re Ready

Whether you’re short on time or you’re too excited to start, it’s always better to wait until you’re ready to launch rather than kick-starting your business and losing the interest of your audience right away. Think about it, would you visit a website twice if the first time you opened it, everything was out of place and it looked so disorganized? First impressions do matter, so don’t waste your efforts in hastiness.

2.    Limit Yourself to One Marketing Method

If you’d tried a form of digital marketing and found you’re doing great with it, you might think it’s a sign to stick to it. Surely, you need to, but limiting your options to only one tool is like having only eggs for breakfast every day without trying out the rest of what the world has to offer. If one platform works for you greatly, then it’s time to expand your social media presence (without affecting your current strategies!).

3.    Ignore Your Customers (and their reviews!)

We’ve mentioned before how it’s crucial to keep your customers at the center of your attention. It’s just as important to never ignore them once you’ve reached them and made contact with them. The satisfaction of your customers can make or break your business, and there’s nothing easier for them than to write a review about you nowadays. Whether that review is in your favor or against it, you always need to take action. Try to contact those who’ve had a bad experience, listen to them understand what went wrong, and offer them a way of compensation.

4.    Sacrifice Quality

Always remember that it’s quality over quantity. Never sacrifice your quality to post twice or thrice a day. You can go as long as two days without posting if it means better quality, some even post twice or thrice a week. For instance, filling your website with boring, low-quality content won’t do you any good with your readers. It may give you a good ranking for a brief while on search engines, but if the bounce rates skyrocket, you’ll lose the ranking in no time.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing

When done right, digital marketing can bring great positioning, growth rates, sales, leads, revenue, and overall success for your business. Developing your brand identity and user personas is a great place to start. Make sure to test your marketing framework with different tools and strategies, then analyze your results and optimize your work. Don’t start before you’re ready or sacrifice your quality, and never, at any cost, ignore your customers.