First impression is everlasting. If something doesn’t look attractive and appealing it is bound to get ignored. For any website, app or advertising agency it’s their graphic which plays a key role in creating a strong visual appearance. For a brand logo to grab the eyeballs, its design must resonate with the moto of the brand. It gets extremely challenging for marketers to create a perfect graphical content as it requires knowledge, skills and the understanding of the marketplace.

If you are in search for a skilled, reliable and an affordable graphic designer for your website or app, your search certainly ends here . Utilize the team of exceptional graphic designer with Penji!!

Penji is an on-demand graphic design platform which provides unlimited designs to brands and marketing agencies at affordable prices. If offers a wide range of custom designs, logos and graphics. Incorporated in 2017, Penji has already taken giant strides and features on the list of fastest growing companies in the US. It has a large customer base including some the market leaders like Reebok, Express, Capital One , Kings Hawaiian etc.

Continue reading to know more about the salient features offered by Penji!!

  1. On-demand Graphic Design: On-demand service model is rapidly taking over the traditional methods of doing business. Consumer these days prefer to utilize the services when they require them and pay only for the ones they use. This makes it extremely important for brands to stay in front of their consumer and offer them the right thing at right time. Penji understands this changing requirement of their clients and offers an on-demand platform which is highly efficient in handling the entire workload of their consumers. It provides ample design options at a monthly recurring investment.
  2. Affordable pricing model: Penji works on subscription model which is budget friendly. This is a three-tier model which lets you pay for monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription. The offered features and services varies based on the opted graphic design subscription. There is no contract boundation in any of the plans and can be cancelled whenever you wish to discontinue. With quarterly and yearly plans, you get to save 15 – 25% on the total expenditure which is huge.

The plan starts with $399/month which is called Pro. You get a dedicated designer who would assist with graphic designs only. Second plan is Team which is $499/month, offer wide range of designs including UX/UI and illustrations. The final plan is Agency which is $899, offers two dedicated designers, prioritized support and even quick turnaround.

  • Unlimited graphic design:  Penji promises to deliver unlimited graphic design and they stand by it. Once you sign up for the subscription that suits you best, you can go on submitting as many design requests as you desire until the subscription remains valid. Serving  clients with unlimited graphic design has emerged as a perfect substitute to hiring a full time graphic  designer which is a lot more tedious and time consuming process for the companies.
  • Highly skilled designers: The team of designers at Penji encompasses exceptional design skills coupled with years of experience. They are capable of handling and delivering wide range of projects ranging from logo, banner, billboards, cards, illustrations to name a few. Penji ensures that each designer before getting onboard undergoes a rigorous design test which checks them on various parameters including their  communication, design skills and pressure handling. Each designer would pay attention to  minute detail and would ask series of questions to understand the specific requirement before delivering the first draft.
  • Reliable support team:  Penji has a highly responsive support team which usually responds to any query within 30 seconds to one minute via chat pop up. They are well equipped with the required knowledge and skilled to clear any questions or doubts that you may possess. Along with the support team, Penji also assigns a dedicated account manager to each project who are easily approachable and often respond within few hours over the email. They are proactive and will keep you posted with the progress of your project. In case you encounter any roadblocks account managers are always available to provide a solution.
  • Quick turnaround: Penji believes in creating  a fast, simple and seamless experience for their customers. Not only they entertain unlimited requests but their turnaround time is astonishing. No matter how complex the project is, designers are skilled to deliver the first draft within 24 to 48 hours. Each project has a different designer aligned to it which is why Penji is able to maintain such high throughput rate.
  • Number of revision request: There is absolutely no limitation on the number of revisions you can request on your draft. Revisions are handled very speedily and are often taken care within 24 hours you can just leave a comment on the draft itself and your designer will pick it up.
  • Design Quality: Designers are at Penji are highly creative and with their artistic approach they often hit the bull’s eye with their first draft. They have a good sense of theme, trending design patterns and color combination which all contributes towards delivering a high-quality end product.
  • Wide range of graphics: This is another feature which sets Penji apart from their competitors. They offer numerous design patterns and streams to choose from. You just name it and you get it. Be it logos, cards, illustrations, website pages, banners, billboards, covers, layouts, invitations, UX/UI icons etc.