1.Static does not change.A dynamic pixel can be made to change by an outside influence.
2.It does not require any extra information to be appended.It requires dynamic information to be appended when the pixel is written
3.A static pixel is simply used to collect data like no. of views or conversion or clicksA dynamic pixel is collects the data which static pixel does but also gathers more information like order ID, Shipping city, region, buyer ID, order Total, etc. These values are pulled dynamically which can later be used for tracking or retargeting the user accordingly.
4.Time consuming in the implementation ,w.r.t creativeSaves a lot of time as you don’t have to upload every single creative as dynamic implementation will play the role using the macros
5.Accurate as less use of technologyThere are possibilities of wrong reports due to small issue may cause collection of wrong data.

Now. what is static or dynamic click tracking?

2 thoughts on “Static Pixel Tracking and Dynamic Pixel Tracking”

    1. Hey,

      The difference is not big except the macros to get the value dynamically. For below example, in static the ID allocated will remain same always where for dynamic pixel the ID will change when the call is given to the pixel.

      Static Pixel:

      Dynamic Pixel:


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