1. A vertical ad network is dedicated to deliver advertising on a specific audience. A horizontal ad network is a network that delivers advertising on wide base of inventory available.
2. Specialized Non – specialized
3. Non – Generalized i.e. low global reach (general audience or targeting) but high reach on the specific target. Generalized – i.e. General audience (public) or targeting.
4. Vertical ad networks offers less but exact reach for advertisers. Horizontal ad networks offer scale, reach and numerous targeting capabilities for advertisers.
5. It serves fewer impressions than horizontal ad network as the reach is less. It delivers several billions of ad impressions per day as the reach is broad.
6. It is considered as “Known buy” as you know to which audience you are targeting. It is considered as “Blind buy” as you don’t know where the impressions will serve.
7. Some examples are Travel, Automotive , lifestyle ROS or RON i.e. Run on sites or Run-of-network


*NOTE:  When it is horizontal and vertical advertising, it has slight different meaning to what horizontal and vertical ad network means. When it’s advertising it relates to the ad positioning on the web page , when the ad is positioned vertically on a web page it is called vertical advertisement , e.g. 120×600 or 160×600 while when the ads are positioned horizontally on a web page like 728×90 is called horizontal advertisements. Horizontal ads are best if the advertiser wants the ad to appear at once i.e. without scrolling down the page.

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