1.Standard banners are simple banners of gif, jpeg or flash. They usually include text with a visual such as a logo or a graphicRich media are those ad which has audio/video in it, i.e. rich with its behavior
2.Less in size, advantageous when the purpose is only brandingHeavy file size
3.Less or almost no interactivity i.e. STATICHighly interactive i.e. DYNAMIC
4.No other technology can be used with standard bannersRich media can synchronize with technologies like Java , JavaScript , DHTML also
5.These only have one interaction i.e. on click it leads to advertiser landing pageIt can have number of interactions

3 thoughts on “Standard Banner and Rich Media”

  1. They are more memorable in the sense that you can use these banner ads in web campains. Such ads would definly touch the people and…purchase your product.I do myself banner ads in my studio adsspirit.com and often need a good inspiration.

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