Local SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of increasing a business’s visibility on online search engines. Around half of all Google, searches are local searches, so it is vital for small businesses that their web pages come up near the top of the search results when someone in the area is browsing the internet for their services. There are some simple but highly effective ways to optimize your company’s SEO, such as by adding your business to as many online directories as you can and having your company mentioned multiple times online. This will generate traffic on your website and send potential customers your way. For more information on local SEO and why it matters for your small business, read this simple guide.


As stated by Moz, “local SEO is all about increasing search visibility for businesses that serve their communities face-to-face.” A huge factor in local SEO is online directories that help customers find local services, such as Yelp and Apple Maps. As well as generating leads, online directories also provide a valuable citation for your business. A citation is any mention of your company online, and it can come from a variety of sources. These mentions are great for increasing traffic to your website and improving your local search ranking and visibility in your area.

Creating Local Citations

A great way to optimize your SEO ranking and attract new customers is to make sure your company is listed in as many online directories as possible. Search for industry-specific directories and make sure your company is listed. For instance, if you own a nail salon you will want to be on the local online directory for beauty salons. These local SEO citations should include as much information as possible about your business and service, such as opening hours, payment methods, and contact information. A directory submission service can help you to submit your company to multiple directories at once, quickly and easily.

Name, Address, and Phone Number

Your NAP (name, address, and phone number) should be as consistent as possible across all citations and directories. This helps search engines to index your business information accurately and to ensure that customers browsing online will see the same information across all web directories. Inconsistencies with your NAP can hurt your SEO ranking, as it will confuse customers and search engines. This could prevent your website from showing in search engine results in your area. Using a directory submission service will ensure your NAP is consistent and avoid these problems that arise from inconsistency.

Google is the most popular search engine, and it is also the one that focuses the most on local SEO. By ensuring that your NAP is consistent and that you have a number of citations, you can significantly improve your local SEO ranking on Google.

Other Factors That Impact Local Search Rankings

It is a good idea to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews for your services wherever possible. Have a reviews section on your website, send out emails asking for reviews once a, and hand out cards in your store with your TripAdvisor or Yelp information. Positive online reviews will increase your local SEO ranking, and the more you get, the higher your ranking will go.

If other websites feature links to your website, this can also boost your ranking. This could include mentions on local news sites or on review sites. Moreover, a strong social media presence can improve your ranking, as well as your online image and visibility. Social media is a great modern tool for reaching new audiences and engaging in a fun and direct way with your local community. For more tips on how to improve your SEO, consult the plethora of online blogs dedicated to this very topic.

Get Started!

This has been a brief and simple explanation of what a local SEO, or search engine optimization, ranking is and why it is important for your business. Essentially, you want your business to be high up on the results page of a search engine when a browsing customer is looking for your services online. For this to happen, you need to ensure that you have a high SEO ranking.

You can achieve this by adding your business details to online directories, ensuring you have a number of citations, or mentions, of your company online, and asking satisfied customers to leave you positive reviews. On top of this, it is strongly recommended that you ensure your company’s name, address and phone number remain consistent across all platforms, and that you utilize your social media accounts to draw in customers and improve your visibility online.