Product photography is one of the most important elements in selling products online. Using high-quality product photos, you can show potential customers what your product is really about and how it can be useful. 

Amazon product photography can help your customers to make a more informed decision about their purchase. 

Rightfully done product photography can help you increase your product’s conversion rate on Amazon without any doubt. 

The question that arises here is; how to click engaging photographs? What are the best practices to ensure more conversations and engagements? What kind of images grabs more attention? 

Let this article be a turning point for your Amazon product photography!

Amazon Product Photographs That Grab Attention 

Amazon product photography is the key to driving conversions and boosting sales. Product photos that are planned can be more attention-grabbing. Planning ahead of time makes all the difference in whether or not a shopper clicks “add to cart.” 

Sellers new to Amazon are often naive to think that a simple image with a white background is enough to tell their customers about their product. However, a lot more effort must be made for more attention. 

Some particular kinds of images stop potential customers from scrolling away from your product listing. Here are some of them explained below. 

1. The first is a product’s image on a simple white background or a background similar to the product’s color. This photograph’s purpose is to make your product’s actual image visible. This photo can also be clicked with a smartphone, but be sure the images are high-resolution. 

2. The second one is infographics. Infographics are the visual presentation of text information in an attractive manner. These images enable your customers to read the core of the features and other details they need to know before buying. 

3. The third kind is lifestyle image. Lifestyle images are added to add a human touch to the product. These images make your customers relate to your product in their daily life. 

Learn About Your Competitors On Amazon Marketplace 

Keep your competitors closer; what a wise thing to do! Before planning your next Amazon product photography, give your competition’s work a good look to understand where they are standing and make their last step your first. 

Search sellers with the same product as yours from different regions and compare their audience to yours to make a better judgment. 

Amazon is a huge marketplace, and there are many things you can learn from there just by searching and exploring. Be informative if you wish to succeed in increasing conversions.

Practices To Optimize Amazon Product Photography For Conversation 

Properly planned and executed Amazon product photography can be a huge reason for more conversation and sales. However, you must be extra careful with how you click your photos to ensure your audience can know your product better. 

We know that product photography on Amazon is important and can bring conversions but how to click them to get better engagements? Let’s learn about the practices to optimize Amazon product photography for conversation. 

Get Professional Help 

There is no harm and shame in getting professional help. Taking your product images can be helpful, but professionals can give your product photography an extra edge. Product photography services can be expensive, but it’s worth every penny. 

Professional Amazon product photography services are gaining hype, and that is because these people can level up the visual game for your listing. Some professionals only render their services for Amazon photos, which says a lot about how important professionalism is for product photography. 

You can either look for a freelancer, hire a local photographer, or search for an Amazon photographer on social media. Whatever you do, make an educated decision, so you do not regret it later. 

Cover Multiple Angles 

Imagine that you are shopping, and the only view you get of that product is from one direction. Is that product right for you? Can you tell? I don’t think so! 

Adding multiple angles to your product photography can make your customer understand your product more. In addition, this product photography technique almost gives the feeling of physical buying as you can check out the product from every angle possible. 

Multi-dimension photography is very important. Because of this, there will be fewer misunderstandings and fewer customer returns. 

Transparency between sellers and buyers can go a long way for the brand and the product. Brands gain loyal customers by being clear and truthful.

Use Proper Light 

To take quality product photos for your Amazon listing; you must ensure proper lighting, which means using a light source that is enough to illuminate your product without washing it out. 

Proper lighting makes a great deal in making your product visible and understandable. Here, proper does not mean just bright; proper lighting means a click that shows the best visual of your product. 

You also want to avoid using a flash, as this can create harsh shadows and reflections that are not flattering. 

Relate By Adding Lifestyle Image 

Lifestyle images are a great way to let your customers know how your product can be useful. For example, if you are selling a coffee mug, take a picture of a cup filled with coffee lying next to a laptop or a book.

Agencies that provide professional Amazon product photography services have models to click lifestyle images. You can either add a model using your product or show a hand handling the product. 

Lifestyle photographs greatly impact your conversions, and several things must be considered when clicking these images. 

First, ensure that the light is natural and relatable to daily life. Giving your image an unrealistic, movie-like look can only do a little good here. Also, know your target audience, as this is the only way to make them relate to your photos. 

Think of it this way, the product you are selling is a Charcuterie Cheeseboard, and rather than choosing the homemakers, you are targeting a general audience. Someone working full-time and daily ordering takeouts will have difficulty relating to an appetizer serving board. 

Guidelines For Amazon Product Photography 

With so much money spent on product development, risking its image with a not-so-good photo is a risk one should never take. Amazon guidelines for product photography help the sellers on getting things right. 

Do it yourself or choose Amazon product photography services. Make sure that your product photos have a pure white or natural background. White or natural-colored backgrounds are a great way to keep your product in focus. 

Take pictures that grab attention, look relatable, and are noticeable. Make your customers focus on your product rather than distracting them with unusual colors at the back. 

Final Thoughts 

Amazon product photography is an amazing way to increase your conversions, and if done by an expert, you can be sure that your engagements and sales will reach the hype your hard work deserves. 

Amazon is a global marketplace, and the competition there is fierce. Therefore, doing things right with your product photography is important to stand out from your competition and let your customers know about your potential. 

If given the opportunity, always choose an expert for your product photography. They may cost you big bucks, but the work they can do and the conversions you can get from their shots will blow your mind away. In the end, it will be worth the pay.